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Some of you may know this year I officially moved out of my house and moved in with some of my friends, 3 friends and my boyfriend to be precise. It's honestly such an awesome thing and I am so excited to carry on living with them for the rest of the year. But what happens when you move in with your friends and end up hating each other? Taking the time to process through if living with people is for you and if you can hack living with your friends for a whole year. If you're a university student it's often the case that during the second and third year that you live with your friends that you made in first year and often people don't realise living in a house can be different to halls as you have to share bathrooms and it's a lot less spacious. With house prices even higher than ever before, some people choose to live with their friends or in flat shares when they're older which I think is awesome.

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But I think living with people is totally different than just being friends. I mean a house or a flat is small and if one person isn't pulling their weight it can be annoying especially when you end up living in what can be described as an explosion of a bin lorry it's not the best. Of course when you're friends it's a little harder to ask them to do anything in case of arguments so be prepared to deal with the fall out. I mean you could live with clean freaks and then everything is perfect but there is always going to be something that annoys someone else. When it comes to TV and films, all liking different things can be a problem especially when everyone wants to watch something together it's about finding some common ground and in most cases you actually find something you end up loving, but in other cases not so much.

If there is one thing I wish I could change about our house is the fact that their is only one bathroom and that can be a bit of a nightmare, even more so when you're in a rush and someone is in the shower. I have gone from having 3 bathrooms at home (living with 2 other people) to one with 5 people. It can be an argument waiting to happen but as long as everyone is considerate (do you need the toilet before I shower kind of thing) it'll all be gravy. My final thing would be the food sharing, it's so pointless to buy 5 lots of everything such as butter, bread and toilet roll. It makes so much sense to split buying them between whoever you are living with and that way there are no fights over who bought what.

Would you live with your friends? 

Olivia Thristan


  1. I definitely think you have to be careful who you live with - I didn't think about it at uni and moved in with people I probably shouldn't have but at least I know now to think about it more carefully in the future and live with people a bit more similar to me!
    Amy x

  2. I would love to live with friends but I'm such a clean freak I'd go mad haha X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  3. I have done three times. It's never works for me, and its nearly always ruined our friendship! :(