How To Keep Blog Organized!

I am forever getting asked how I manage to think of so many ideas and keep my blog always scheduled up to a month in advance so I thought today I would share with you, my secrets! Of course to stay scheduled you've got to be so organized. I do this by having a diary with me at all times to jot down a schedule, post ideas and dates they have to be up by. The fact I can write for hours is in my favour as it helps me to stay focussed and keep writing throughout the day when I have spare days which is fairly frequent at the moment. I also like to bulk take pictures another, thing which keeps me on top as I can always look through my PC archives and find photos for blog posts which haven't been used before.

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I like to stay scheduled in advance as I can go weeks without any inspiration and I would hate to go weeks without posting after my huge break last year. For me I find it helpful to have posts in drafts which I have written but not put live, these are perfect for times when I am lacking inspiration or time for that matter, I just pop one of those up. Although I have a fairly set schedule sometimes I move things around so that I can fit posts with a more urgent deadline in which can often give me more weeks of posts which is pretty handy too. I think it is key to always write down any ideas you have, even if it is just on a scrap of paper and then at a later date you might pick it up and decide to write that. Not everyone likes having guest posters on their blog but if you are feeling uninspired for a long time, it is a good idea to keep regular content going so having someone new and giving their take on your blog can be refreshing and interesting for your readers. At the end of the day it's your blog and it's up to you how often you post and what you post about but this is just my ideas on the subject.

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Olivia Thristan


  1. Yes I love to have a months worth of posts secluded in advance so I can focus on my college work & not blogging. It definitely helps me be able to cope x

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