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Hitting 20 this year meant I was no longer a teenager which was is a totally weird thought, I survived my teen years, I went through all of the embarrassing hair styles, strange fashion choices and most importantly high school! I thought I would bring you a different type of a blog post today, featuring some of the many things that I have loved in my life growing up a girly girl from the mid 90's, I am sure if you are a girl or had sisters you know about most of the items in my post and in case you couldn't already guess, my favourite colour was pink!

90's Girly Girl

Betty Spaghetti:  
In my opinion the coolest toy ever created, and if you didn't ever have one, you are missing out. I was constantly obsessed with changing my dolls legs and giving them different shoes, I remember the devastation if I ended up loosing one of their body parts around the house! I loved to braid their and the smell of plastic that came with them! 

Claires Makeup:
I remember being able to take my first trip into town at 13 years old, my town is tiny and I went with 5 of my friends, of course we took a trip into Claires. I was the girly one out of the group and purchased a set of their glittery eyeshadows a pink nail varnish. Was totally useless at applying them both, but that was my first makeup purchase. 

Pink Flip Phone:
Okay so I actually didn't have one of these, but seeing them in films and seeing members of my family having them gave me serious envy, I mean who doesn't want a phone which you can flip up to answer and take a picture on? (the answer now is clearly everyone) but at the time it was the coolest thing you could have! 

Girl or boy, I don't know a single person who didn't have one of these bad boys growing up! I remember the constant beeping and needing to feed them and then getting bored and leaving them for months and then going back and needing to start again. I must of used so many batteries on this little dude. 

Pink Jelly Shoes:
Although these are back in fashion, I had them as a six year old girl and back then they were cool too! I would totally wear them now if my boyfriend and mum wouldn't disown me. I think they're fun and easy to wear in the summer as they are easy to wash and comfy. Even though they do make a stupid wet noise when you walk in them. 

Lizzie McGuire:
My all time favourite programme, I remember wanting her family, her friends and her cool life. She was the cool girl in my eyes who I dreamed I would become in high school and one of the programmes which totally made me believe high school was going to be awesome! The movie is just awesome and I am totally in the mood to go watch it right now. 

Powerpuff Girls:
The powerpuff girls were the coolest, I was obsessed with blossom as she was seen as the leader and also was pink/red which again I owned everything in. I loved Blossom and her bossiness, I loved the show as a whole and never did understand why 'him' wore pink and looked like a girl.  

I didn't quite love Barbies as much as I loved Bratz, but there was a time in my life when I owned a ton of Barbies and a couple of Ken dolls and used to make them get married and go on holiday, pretty much repeatedly. 

Totally Spies:
This was my favourite show when I was a bit older, and I was in love with Clover as you can guess wore red which was the closest to pink. I loved all of their gadgets and dreamed to have my own one day, it was obviously not ever going to happen, but still cool in my eyes. 

Honestly can remember owning so many of these furry things, my most vivid memory of mine was getting car sick and getting really ill all over my furby and it stopped working and me getting really upset about it. I think they're awesome and the way their mouths and eyes move is a bit creepy, but at the same time pretty cool especially when you're 8. 

I totally saved the best til last, I can honestly say I was obessed with Bratz, I owned over 50 dolls, the cars, lodges, houses, DVDs, games and films. My favourite doll was Cloe and I wanted to be her and I learnt how to do my makeup on their game (if you've played it before you know what mean) I would make my own school and constantly change their clothes and make up little stories with them. They have recently relaunched Bratz based on bloggers, and I have one which you can see here.
Olivia Thristan


  1. Oh my god literally all those things define my childhood, I especially loved power puff girls and bratz! I too wanted to be Chloe, or Yasmin and always made one of them be the girlfriend of Dylan. Is that weird that I remember that?!

    Best post ever, feeling nostalgic now :)

  2. I remember being DESPERATE for that pink Motorola flip phone... I got a Nokia that actually HAD AN AERIAL instead but I could change the cover of it soooo win?

  3. This is such a great post! Makes me nostalgic for my childhood ha. I remember begging my parents for one of the pink Motorola Razr, but they would never get me one ha. AndI had totally forgot about Betty Spaghetti until this post, I used to love them! I had loads of barbies as well, but I always paired them with my brothers Action Man ha,

    Lauren | Lauren the Daydreamer

  4. I love this post, I had legit everything on the list! On my 18th birthday I went to town and took out a contract so I could get the pink Razor. I put a Hello Kitty charm on it and thought I was the business haha. - Amy