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There's always one person in your life that no matter what you buy them, they already have it and all of that thought and effort feels like it has gone to waste *pulls a sad face* today I decided to make a list of awesome gifts to buy people who already have "everything" and these gifts are unique and awesome so there's no way they can already have them and if they say they do, they're lying! These gifts are mainly aimed at women but that's not to say men won't enjoy these gifts because some may well do! I hope this give you some inspiration for gifts to give your loved ones and not yourself (like what happened with me haha)

Sweets are the perfect gift for anyone, as they come in all different shapes and sizes and also varieties. I think sweet hampers are an amazing solution to anyone who is fussy when it comes to present because everyone loves a good sweet treat. Ashby treats have the perfect sweet hampers full of retro sweets or even a personalized hamper of the persons favourite sweets which you can send directly to their door with a message attached, sounds fabulous to me!

I recently saw some gorgeous glass jars on IWOOT which I think would make perfect presents for anyone who just moved into a new house or just as a birthday gift as they're so sweet and lovely. I don't believe anyone who already says they have these are they're so unique and different. Although they are meant for drinking they can be used as orniments also, it depends on what style the person is in to. I would highly recommend these as they're lush and I couldn't help but get them myself.

I don't believe a person who says they don't love a good bunch of flowers and with ordering online you can get personalized flowers to the taste of that particular person, I love flowers from Appleyard as you can pick a variety of different flowers and different sized bunches all dependant on the budget. It's a perfect surprise for someone also as you can get them delivered on their birthday and they won't be expecting it.

Experience Days:
This the perfect gift for anyone female or male who claims they have everything. The best way to treat anyone in a style which is personal to them, with experience days you can get anything from a spa day to a car experience. Simply by searching your budget, age and location it suggests different ideas to you which is awesome if you are also stuck for an idea.

When doing my search for awesome gifts for those who have everything I came across a few gems which didn't quite make the short-list but I think I would share them with you anyways, an edible tea pot, a portable wine sack and a grow your own mushroom garden... a little bit strange but you've gotta admit noone would have them right?

*Includes PR samples* 
Olivia Thristan

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  1. I love receiving a bunch of flowers but my preference would be a plant as they last a lot longer, well, unless you're a plant killer. lol. Some great ideas here, thanks for sharing. :-)