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Recently the lovely people at Three, sent me a freshers kit to help me survive during my time at Freshers, when I opened the package I was super happy with the contents. The first being a Nokia Lumia 835- with the reasoning being that everyone needs a spare phone when they go out, which I think is totally true whether you're on a night out or at a festival an extra phone can always come in handy. If you're using your phone a lot whilst you're out, your battery may become flat (holla all Iphone users) and if you end up in a dangerous situation, end up losing your friends or in need of a taxi you always have your spare phone. Next in the kit was a small charger, which is perfect for long days if you are on a night out, you can often find that your phone days half way through the night especially if you take a lot of photos (like me) then having a charger to carry around with you is perfect, especially when it's tiny and perfect to carry in your clutch bag or even your pocket.

 Next in the kit was a sim filled with £10 credit, which is perfect for my emergency phone, and ready and loaded for emergency calls or texts when it's needed. If you are interested in checking out Threes sim only deals check them out here. The final item in the kit was an awesome selfie stick and not just any selfie stick, one like the purple guy (Jackson) on the advert if you haven't seen it, feel free to check it out here it's the one that says MAKE IT RIGHT and is super catchy, and everytime me and my housemates have the hand, we cant help but say "Alright" like on the advert, so yeah a Selfie stick with a huge fluffy purple hand attached.

So my verdict on the kit on a night out: 
With my super unpredictable Iphone battery dying out within a few hours of the night, having a spare phone with my friends numbers and a local taxi service proved to serve me well when getting split up from my friends, its key to stay in contact with your friends when you're on a night out as you never know what can happen to you. Although I remembered my super cute charger I completely forgot the wire with it, so it was pretty much useless but I have used it since at uni and it keeps my phone topped up throughout the day, which keeps me happy. Unfortunately Jacksons hand stayed at home, but was very fun for those pre night out selfies and is also now our house mascot and he will often pop up around my house and he is also amazing for reaching things off of the top shelf.

I want to thank Three for this awesome Freshers Kit, and for teaching me the importance of #MakeItRight. 

*In Collaboration with Three
Olivia Thristan


  1. This is a great idea! :)
    I wish I'd have had one of these kits whilst I was at uni. Some of my friends would have really appreciated one too, as they were always losing their phones on nights out!

  2. Such a good idea - wish they had these back when I was in Uni.

  3. Yes, phones are always the first thing you lose/break/forget on a night out. Makes such good sense to have a spare, I always take an alternative to my iPhone at festivals :)
    Michelle x