Firsts| My First Pet (without my parents)

Hey all! If you follow me any of social media you will know in July me, Luke and our friend Kee all bought a hamster each for our house. I've wanted a pet for ages, and when I saw these in Pets at home a few months ago I talked myself out of buying them, but recently when I saw them again I knew I had to have one. We went for Russian Dwarf Hamsters, I called mine Flash/Lightning I went with these names because my hamster is SO fast and it took three of us to catch him when he escaped on the first night! I went for lightning as Luke decided to call his Thunder and they look similar. I also refer to them all as Hammie when talking about them all. So we went out and bought the cage which is in the pictures, then a day later decided it was WAAAY too small and invested in a four floored one with plenty more space and also some super slides for them. 

Dwarf hamsters only live for a couple of years so they're a great pet to have now especially if in the future if a landlord doesn't allow them we're not stuck with a long living pet although they are so gorgeous and I'll probably end up buying more at some point. I find them to be super friendly as well as very quick and if they don't want to come and out play you've got no chance as they'll just keep running and hiding. When we bought thunder, lightning and stripe (Kees' hamster) kept fighting with him so we had to separate him and put him a separate cage which has made us all a bit sad as it's a shame he has to be on his own, but we are still going to try in the future to put them together. I am enjoying looking after my hamster and I think it's a great way to use up some of my free time by caring for a pet. I adore hamsters and am happy I bought one, next step is to buy them lots of toys and a super cool pad to live in! 

Hamster 1

Hamster 2

Hamster  3

Hamster  4

What was your first pet without your parents? 
Olivia Thristan

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  1. We had rabbits for our first pets! Then we went on to the big guns & got Skye, our gorgeous dog ❤️
    Bee |