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I addicted to looking at different beauty tips and products online at the moment, it came after my addiction to beauty gurus on youtube! I think it's super cool to learn new tips and tricks from others and without amazing tips from others how can you improve yourself, everyone has to start somewhere right? I love tips about different ways to apply makeup, new makeup looks, quick ways to cleanse your body, how to have the perfect pamper etc. I find it awesome to find somewhere which supplies you with instant beauty knowledge that you may not of known previously, so today I thought I would share with you my favourite places to find out new makeup and beauty tips and advice.

Magazine Snap

Grazia Beauty
One of my favourites when it comes to discovering tips and favourites, the Grazia beauty page has a huge amount of tips like the most flattering eye make for your eye shape and why it's important to drink 8 glasses of water a day (something I really need to start doing) their page reminds me a bit of their magazine but all based around beauty and at a click of your fingertip which is pretty awesome, it's always one of my go-to places when I am looking for a bit of advice, I know it'll be on Grazia.

Beauty Blogs
Well this is an obvious one, being a blogger myself I am a huge fan of reading blogs and I love reading other beauty gurus tips and advice as they give you everything from on budget products, to high-end products and every type of makeup look under the sun. I am a huge fan of LBQ as Hayley shares a huge variety of beauty knowledge which is a massive help to me. As well as Really Ree and Polished Couture who are also amazing for their beauty knowledge and blogs.

Another obvious one, who doesn't watch Youtube videos when it comes to learning new beauty tips and tricks. I love watching a variety of Youtubers for different things and I have recently discovered some new faves such as Hey Claire and Luna Fay Beauty and some old faves such as Gabriella, Tati and Lucy. If you haven't checked out any of those amazing Youtubers you need to, as they're all fab.

This one has been a long-standing favourite for me, it's something I've always done and probably will do for a lot longer, I love flicking through the pages of a magazine and getting tips and the latest products to get my hands on and I think a magazine is an amazing place to find out lots of new products which are highly recommended.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments! 

*In Collaboration with Grazia Beauty 

Olivia Thristan

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  1. Thank you for the tips! I've never been on the Grazia beauty page before so will check it out. I love Pinterest for inspiration as well