Living with Mental Health as a university student! Lets Talk

Mental health is something I will always talk openly about on Dungarees & Donuts as it's not something I am afraid to talk about, if you are looking to find my mental health story check it out here. Today's post is about what it is like dealing with mental health issues at university.

Some of you may know that I never actually stayed in halls as part of my first year at university due to the stress of being around and living with strangers, the crazy amount of thoughts that went through my head talked me out of even considering thinking about halls. I'll never know on what I missed out on not going to live at university halls. I am now just finishing my second year and am moving in with my friends and boyfriend for third year, which I am over the moon about. Although there are still parts of it which scare me, the whole what if I annoy everyone with my weird moods, or what if they start to hate me despite being my friends these are the thoughts that constantly go through my head.

One part of my anxiety and depression which I have noticed does effect my university social life is the way I feel uneasy about visiting my friends at their university and going to clubs. The idea of going to club makes me want to be sick, people all around me, it's warm and so many people are touching you by accident. The fear is unreal. I have been to clubs before but always freaking out and having to leave early, or getting so drunk and feeling so unwell that once again I have to leave early, which really does suck. I'd to be able to experience the 'fun' in clubs but I am not sure it is something I will be okay with in this lifetime. There is one good thing though, I am finally starting to be able to go out to pubs and have a social drink, I can sit in a pub for hours and actually start to enjoy it, I am not sure if it's the fact I don't have to wear 6 inch heels or the fact that I won't randomly get touched that makes going to a pub more okay in my mind.

My friends are so great with my anxiety and depression and when I struggle to go out at all they are great about it and try their best to help me the ways they can. My boyfriend is amazing with it all, if we miss a night out because I can't face it he never once holds it against me, he says he doesn't fancy it anyways, which really helps with my guilt issues. I am not saying this will be the experience for everyone who goes to university, in fact for some people it does them the world of good and helps them break out of their shell! I just wish I was able to take that leap.

Freshers Kit With Three | Students

Recently the lovely people at Three, sent me a freshers kit to help me survive during my time at Freshers, when I opened the package I was super happy with the contents. The first being a Nokia Lumia 835- with the reasoning being that everyone needs a spare phone when they go out, which I think is totally true whether you're on a night out or at a festival an extra phone can always come in handy. If you're using your phone a lot whilst you're out, your battery may become flat (holla all Iphone users) and if you end up in a dangerous situation, end up losing your friends or in need of a taxi you always have your spare phone. Next in the kit was a small charger, which is perfect for long days if you are on a night out, you can often find that your phone days half way through the night especially if you take a lot of photos (like me) then having a charger to carry around with you is perfect, especially when it's tiny and perfect to carry in your clutch bag or even your pocket.

 Next in the kit was a sim filled with £10 credit, which is perfect for my emergency phone, and ready and loaded for emergency calls or texts when it's needed. If you are interested in checking out Threes sim only deals check them out here. The final item in the kit was an awesome selfie stick and not just any selfie stick, one like the purple guy (Jackson) on the advert if you haven't seen it, feel free to check it out here it's the one that says MAKE IT RIGHT and is super catchy, and everytime me and my housemates have the hand, we cant help but say "Alright" like on the advert, so yeah a Selfie stick with a huge fluffy purple hand attached.

So my verdict on the kit on a night out: 
With my super unpredictable Iphone battery dying out within a few hours of the night, having a spare phone with my friends numbers and a local taxi service proved to serve me well when getting split up from my friends, its key to stay in contact with your friends when you're on a night out as you never know what can happen to you. Although I remembered my super cute charger I completely forgot the wire with it, so it was pretty much useless but I have used it since at uni and it keeps my phone topped up throughout the day, which keeps me happy. Unfortunately Jacksons hand stayed at home, but was very fun for those pre night out selfies and is also now our house mascot and he will often pop up around my house and he is also amazing for reaching things off of the top shelf.

I want to thank Three for this awesome Freshers Kit, and for teaching me the importance of #MakeItRight. 

*In Collaboration with Three

GOSH AW15 | Beauty

My favourite season is soon approaching (autumn) and I can't wait to carve pumpkins and finally wear purple lipstick and darker eye makeup although given the summer we've had I probably could of done that anyway! I thought today I would share with you the latest releases from GOSH, and what you need to pick up this autumn.

First lets talk foundation drops, I can't say I've ever heard of them before, but it seems like a really cool concept to make your foundation last longer, with built in SPF10 which is perfect for protecting you from the sun. I think it's easy to apply with a brush and will give a nice easy coverage, if you fancy purchasing it you can from here.

2 in 1 nail hardener perfect for all year round, I love the fact that it is a nail hardener and also a top coat, it's easy to use and a perfect product for great looking nails! If you fancy treating yourself to this  then it's a well worth it purchase and it makes your nail varnish last twice as long! 

I am addicted to plum from the new GOSH matt range, I think it's perfect on your lips, and doesn't leave them feeling too dry after applying, it's long lasting and so pretty. I love wearing this shade in the day it's a pretty purple rather than a really dark one. If you want to purchase it you can here.

In my opinion this is such a pretty pink colour, not suitable for those who shy away from bright colours, I love the vibrancy of this shade and like the purple it is long lasting and super pretty as well as a matt shade with a non drying finish.

Finally the awesome Boombastic mascara from GOSH, it's such an amazing mascara and well worth the money, it leaves your lashes feeling fuller, darker and it's like using false lashes after a few coats which is what I usually aim for when purchasing a mascara. Although the packaging is a little bright for my taste!

What do you want from the new range? 

Student money saving tips with TSB | Students

University, some of the best and probably the worst times of your life (money wise anyways) I don't know many students who aren't broke for the majority of the time, it's just the way that it is I guess. Although being a student can have it's upsides, like discounts and fun events to attend I think it's about the way you manage the money you do have and enjoy it really, as it's your last steps until you break out into the big bad world of a Job. With the lovely people at TSB I thought it would be awesome to share my money saving tips with you and also bring awareness to their no interest student accounts which are perfect for those just starting university or who are already students and are looking for an account without the interest- if you are interested in that take a look at their student bank accounts here.

Tip One:
Shop around for your bills, I actually wrote a post about this on my student blog which you can read here. It's important to remember there any many companies out there offering different prices on bills and with awesome comparison sites, it's a lot easier to find the best deals.

Tip Two:
Freeze food, it sounds strange but go shopping late at night and pick up all of the bargains then pop them in the freezer, it's the perfect way to get cheap bread and veg which is good for days after it's sell by date.

Tip Three:
Pre drink before a night out! Just drinking with your friends at home before heading on a night out can save you a ton of money as you need less when you're out, plus that means more money for cheesy chips *wink wink*

Tip Four:
Loyalty cards are your best friend! With loyalty cards for just about everything these days it's totally worth getting them for the places you shop, whether it be Tesco or CEX everywhere has them and points = money off and rewards *bonus*

Tip Five: 
Have nights in, although uni is about the experience and of course it's fun to go out, you can also have fun indoors with your friends, have a movie night (which I also wrote about here) or even just a night eating pizza and cake (my favourite kind of night) it usually always works out cheaper than going out and feels a lot better in the morning too!

What are your tips for money saving? 

Living with friends, is it all it's cracked up to be? | Lifestyle

Some of you may know this year I officially moved out of my house and moved in with some of my friends, 3 friends and my boyfriend to be precise. It's honestly such an awesome thing and I am so excited to carry on living with them for the rest of the year. But what happens when you move in with your friends and end up hating each other? Taking the time to process through if living with people is for you and if you can hack living with your friends for a whole year. If you're a university student it's often the case that during the second and third year that you live with your friends that you made in first year and often people don't realise living in a house can be different to halls as you have to share bathrooms and it's a lot less spacious. With house prices even higher than ever before, some people choose to live with their friends or in flat shares when they're older which I think is awesome.

Front room 1
Photo credit: Ani-Bee / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

But I think living with people is totally different than just being friends. I mean a house or a flat is small and if one person isn't pulling their weight it can be annoying especially when you end up living in what can be described as an explosion of a bin lorry it's not the best. Of course when you're friends it's a little harder to ask them to do anything in case of arguments so be prepared to deal with the fall out. I mean you could live with clean freaks and then everything is perfect but there is always going to be something that annoys someone else. When it comes to TV and films, all liking different things can be a problem especially when everyone wants to watch something together it's about finding some common ground and in most cases you actually find something you end up loving, but in other cases not so much.

If there is one thing I wish I could change about our house is the fact that their is only one bathroom and that can be a bit of a nightmare, even more so when you're in a rush and someone is in the shower. I have gone from having 3 bathrooms at home (living with 2 other people) to one with 5 people. It can be an argument waiting to happen but as long as everyone is considerate (do you need the toilet before I shower kind of thing) it'll all be gravy. My final thing would be the food sharing, it's so pointless to buy 5 lots of everything such as butter, bread and toilet roll. It makes so much sense to split buying them between whoever you are living with and that way there are no fights over who bought what.

Would you live with your friends? 

Growing up a girly girl! | Lifestyle.

Hitting 20 this year meant I was no longer a teenager which was is a totally weird thought, I survived my teen years, I went through all of the embarrassing hair styles, strange fashion choices and most importantly high school! I thought I would bring you a different type of a blog post today, featuring some of the many things that I have loved in my life growing up a girly girl from the mid 90's, I am sure if you are a girl or had sisters you know about most of the items in my post and in case you couldn't already guess, my favourite colour was pink!

90's Girly Girl

Betty Spaghetti:  
In my opinion the coolest toy ever created, and if you didn't ever have one, you are missing out. I was constantly obsessed with changing my dolls legs and giving them different shoes, I remember the devastation if I ended up loosing one of their body parts around the house! I loved to braid their and the smell of plastic that came with them! 

Claires Makeup:
I remember being able to take my first trip into town at 13 years old, my town is tiny and I went with 5 of my friends, of course we took a trip into Claires. I was the girly one out of the group and purchased a set of their glittery eyeshadows a pink nail varnish. Was totally useless at applying them both, but that was my first makeup purchase. 

Pink Flip Phone:
Okay so I actually didn't have one of these, but seeing them in films and seeing members of my family having them gave me serious envy, I mean who doesn't want a phone which you can flip up to answer and take a picture on? (the answer now is clearly everyone) but at the time it was the coolest thing you could have! 

Girl or boy, I don't know a single person who didn't have one of these bad boys growing up! I remember the constant beeping and needing to feed them and then getting bored and leaving them for months and then going back and needing to start again. I must of used so many batteries on this little dude. 

Pink Jelly Shoes:
Although these are back in fashion, I had them as a six year old girl and back then they were cool too! I would totally wear them now if my boyfriend and mum wouldn't disown me. I think they're fun and easy to wear in the summer as they are easy to wash and comfy. Even though they do make a stupid wet noise when you walk in them. 

Lizzie McGuire:
My all time favourite programme, I remember wanting her family, her friends and her cool life. She was the cool girl in my eyes who I dreamed I would become in high school and one of the programmes which totally made me believe high school was going to be awesome! The movie is just awesome and I am totally in the mood to go watch it right now. 

Powerpuff Girls:
The powerpuff girls were the coolest, I was obsessed with blossom as she was seen as the leader and also was pink/red which again I owned everything in. I loved Blossom and her bossiness, I loved the show as a whole and never did understand why 'him' wore pink and looked like a girl.  

I didn't quite love Barbies as much as I loved Bratz, but there was a time in my life when I owned a ton of Barbies and a couple of Ken dolls and used to make them get married and go on holiday, pretty much repeatedly. 

Totally Spies:
This was my favourite show when I was a bit older, and I was in love with Clover as you can guess wore red which was the closest to pink. I loved all of their gadgets and dreamed to have my own one day, it was obviously not ever going to happen, but still cool in my eyes. 

Honestly can remember owning so many of these furry things, my most vivid memory of mine was getting car sick and getting really ill all over my furby and it stopped working and me getting really upset about it. I think they're awesome and the way their mouths and eyes move is a bit creepy, but at the same time pretty cool especially when you're 8. 

I totally saved the best til last, I can honestly say I was obessed with Bratz, I owned over 50 dolls, the cars, lodges, houses, DVDs, games and films. My favourite doll was Cloe and I wanted to be her and I learnt how to do my makeup on their game (if you've played it before you know what mean) I would make my own school and constantly change their clothes and make up little stories with them. They have recently relaunched Bratz based on bloggers, and I have one which you can see here.

American Candy Haul #3 | Lifestyle

Hi lovelies, I hope you're well! It's that time of the month again where I review some goodies from across the pond. I am glad this feature has taken off the way it has, as I enjoy writing it (and eating candy of course) and I think it's a fun thing to do. I did something a little different this month and ordered online as I found an amazing website where the candy is SO much cheaper than in my town, I ordered from the website American Soda and after this post if you want some candy- feel free to go check it out their site if you want to see any my previous hauls you can read them here and here. So what does this months haul entail I hear you ask? As it cheaper to purchase I did get a few more bits this month, and I am excited to share them with you!

Razzles: I adore these, from the first one I was hooked they reminded me a little of the bubble gum which you get in the bottom of screwballs from the ice cream van but they are also chewy candy before which is interesting, there are so many flavours in a packet and my favourite was Orange which is surprising as I am usually more of a strawberry sweet kinda person. If you haven't tried these before you should and I know they come in many variations such as sour and tropical which are next on my list to try.
Rating: 7/10

Ice Cubes: Honestly this is chewing gum made in heaven, I could happily eat through a box in about 5 minutes- the gum is cube shaped and the feel reminds me slightly of playdough. When popped in your mouth the flavour is intense but at the same time great, and although it doesn't last very long (but what chewing gum does) it's worth it. The flavour I have is Peppermint and leaves your breathe smelling minty fresh.
Rating: 8/10

Golden Oreo: I had super high hopes for these until realizing they are just an Oreo version of custard creams *sad face* I was expecting something more, but I should of realized by the packaging what they are. Obviously I was underwhelmed by this, but for Americans who don't get custard creams I am sure they loved these!
Rating: 5/10

Candy Corn: I tried Candy Corn whilst in an America as whim as it's as a dollar and was by the till when I was queuing, I did happen to buy a 1kg bag (and another before I went home) I wasn't sure what to expect from it, I was attracted to the bright colours of the candy. When I tasted it I was reminded of the flavour of rock on from the beach but in a softer form, which is amazing who wants to loose their teeth whilst eating rock anyways? I would totally rebuy this over and over!
Rating: 10/10

Chewy Lemon Head & Friends: These reminded me so much of Jelly beans which of course is ALWAYS a good thing, because who doesn't love Jelly beans (I do, I do) they just taste full of flavour, and very yummy and also great as a treat as they're in a small box!
Rating 9/10

Chewy Lemon Head Berry Flavour:
Jelly beans in berry flavours! Although I wasn't as much of a fan of these as I was of the plain ones, they tasted a bit strange with some of the flavours and then others were fab, it's a bit of a mixed bag as far as these are concerned.
Rating: 7/10

You can nab 10% off your first order on American Soda by using the code DONUTS10! 

The truth about braces | Lifestyle

If you have me on Facebook or know me on a personal level you may already know this wonderful part of my life, but if not let me tell you. When I was 13 I got braces which is pretty normal for teenagers who have bad teeth which need sorting out, when I was 17 I got them taken out (not so normal) which meant for FOUR years and and 9 months... yeah I counted... I had braces. Which of course led to bullying and other rubbish which is totally silly because I wanted straight teeth?! The most original I got was 'brace face' those crazy kids. But I've got to admit despite the bullying I got for having them, it was totally 110% worth it, my teeth were a mess and even now I'll forever be smiling to show off my smile and it's been three years since they were taken off. Braces are a lot easier to be accessed now than what they were years ago, it's a lot more common for people to have braces (probably for a year or two) not four like myself.

But as they were less accessible around 30 years ago or so, people are now getting them as adults, which I myself think is pretty awesome. I would rather spend the money on my teeth rather than my lips or nose but that's personal to me. I think the amazing thing is you can have clear braces which aren't even noticeable which great for those adults who are self conscious about their image. Although I think a mouth full of metal isn't as bad as it seems as you can get pretty colours but I totally understand why a lot of adults choose to go down the clear route.

Claire Nightingale of Queens Gate Orthodontics  states:

'We are seeing an increasing number of adults wanting to straighten their smiles both to improve their appearance and to create a comfortable bite. In many cases, adults are choosing to go ahead with Invisalign as a treatment rather than traditional, medal braces given that they can, in most cases, achieve the same results without inducing the metal mouth look! Celebrities such as Michelle Keegan are openly using Invisalign to help them achieve their dream smile and it's quickly becoming an attractive option for many adults.'

As much as the aftermath of braces is AMAZING, the pain during, not so much. If you have had braces yourself you'll know the pain of having them tightened is unreal and leaves you in achy pain for days to the point where you can't eat much more than soup and bread. But as they say, no pain no gain, right? I enjoyed wearing my braces for most of my time as it felt cool to be able to change up the colours when I had an appointment and I often went for rainbow colours, yeah I am awesome aren't I? If you have to have braces or choose to have them as an adult, remember the outcome is definitely worth it. 

In collaboration with Queens Gate Orthodontics* 

How To Keep Blog Organized!

I am forever getting asked how I manage to think of so many ideas and keep my blog always scheduled up to a month in advance so I thought today I would share with you, my secrets! Of course to stay scheduled you've got to be so organized. I do this by having a diary with me at all times to jot down a schedule, post ideas and dates they have to be up by. The fact I can write for hours is in my favour as it helps me to stay focussed and keep writing throughout the day when I have spare days which is fairly frequent at the moment. I also like to bulk take pictures another, thing which keeps me on top as I can always look through my PC archives and find photos for blog posts which haven't been used before.

Bloglovin screen grab

I like to stay scheduled in advance as I can go weeks without any inspiration and I would hate to go weeks without posting after my huge break last year. For me I find it helpful to have posts in drafts which I have written but not put live, these are perfect for times when I am lacking inspiration or time for that matter, I just pop one of those up. Although I have a fairly set schedule sometimes I move things around so that I can fit posts with a more urgent deadline in which can often give me more weeks of posts which is pretty handy too. I think it is key to always write down any ideas you have, even if it is just on a scrap of paper and then at a later date you might pick it up and decide to write that. Not everyone likes having guest posters on their blog but if you are feeling uninspired for a long time, it is a good idea to keep regular content going so having someone new and giving their take on your blog can be refreshing and interesting for your readers. At the end of the day it's your blog and it's up to you how often you post and what you post about but this is just my ideas on the subject.

Scheduled posts screen grab

Gifts for those who have everything | Lifestyle

There's always one person in your life that no matter what you buy them, they already have it and all of that thought and effort feels like it has gone to waste *pulls a sad face* today I decided to make a list of awesome gifts to buy people who already have "everything" and these gifts are unique and awesome so there's no way they can already have them and if they say they do, they're lying! These gifts are mainly aimed at women but that's not to say men won't enjoy these gifts because some may well do! I hope this give you some inspiration for gifts to give your loved ones and not yourself (like what happened with me haha)

Sweets are the perfect gift for anyone, as they come in all different shapes and sizes and also varieties. I think sweet hampers are an amazing solution to anyone who is fussy when it comes to present because everyone loves a good sweet treat. Ashby treats have the perfect sweet hampers full of retro sweets or even a personalized hamper of the persons favourite sweets which you can send directly to their door with a message attached, sounds fabulous to me!

I recently saw some gorgeous glass jars on IWOOT which I think would make perfect presents for anyone who just moved into a new house or just as a birthday gift as they're so sweet and lovely. I don't believe anyone who already says they have these are they're so unique and different. Although they are meant for drinking they can be used as orniments also, it depends on what style the person is in to. I would highly recommend these as they're lush and I couldn't help but get them myself.

I don't believe a person who says they don't love a good bunch of flowers and with ordering online you can get personalized flowers to the taste of that particular person, I love flowers from Appleyard as you can pick a variety of different flowers and different sized bunches all dependant on the budget. It's a perfect surprise for someone also as you can get them delivered on their birthday and they won't be expecting it.

Experience Days:
This the perfect gift for anyone female or male who claims they have everything. The best way to treat anyone in a style which is personal to them, with experience days you can get anything from a spa day to a car experience. Simply by searching your budget, age and location it suggests different ideas to you which is awesome if you are also stuck for an idea.

When doing my search for awesome gifts for those who have everything I came across a few gems which didn't quite make the short-list but I think I would share them with you anyways, an edible tea pot, a portable wine sack and a grow your own mushroom garden... a little bit strange but you've gotta admit noone would have them right?

*Includes PR samples*