Will brands ever use 'real' women for their campaigns?

I find hard to believe in 2015, the debate about the size of models is still going on. Despite years of women arguing to show the real face of women in magazines and in ad campaigns there is still a negative image going around. I hate the fact that brands photoshop their women for one, I think it's wrong and it doesn't give a true perception. Some brands will argue that without the editing it doesn't convince you to buy the items sold but I believe I would be likely to buy an item which was modelled on a real woman as opposed to the perfect woman. I think it's great that more brands are starting to use women of all shapes and sizes, which previously wasn't done and I think it is great that there is a huge rise in the amount of plus-sized women which are now being featured in ad campaigns too.

Being a woman I think that it can be difficult not to compare yourself to some of the on campaigns as they are usually skinnier with no flaws. I know that some people do have a skinner body type and in my opinion that is fine, it's their body and sometimes can be out of the control and they still look amazing! But there is a difference between that and promoting constantly of skinny women, whenever I read the small print in a magazine which says what size the model is wearing it's always 6-10 I never see any of them wearing 12-14 which is one of the most purchased sizes in the UK. What happened to the medium between skinny and plus sized, where are the in between women? I think it would be great to feature more normal women as opposed to constantly using models, as those women, in my opinion, give a better perception of what the 'real' woman is.

As far as photoshop goes, I think it's ridiculous to photoshop elements of a person to make them look better, some people have larger thighs, others have a bigger nose, a larger bum, wider hips and should that be edited out? I don't think so. I am happy to see the increase is using more real women in AD campaigns, such as the recent Dove one which featured women with different skin colours, hair colours and even body shapes which I find fantastic. I believe that one day more real women will be shown throughout the pages of magazines, but for now, I guess we will have to see all women that look like clones.