Truffle Shuffle Wishlist!

Hey guys, I hope you're all doing fab! I thought today I would share with you a wishlist from one of my favourite sites, this site is one I lust over all of the time, featuring awesome accessories, cool t-shirts and even homeware. This shop is called Truffle Shuffle and if you haven't heard of it yet, you're seriously missing out. I am addicted to the awesome merch they have from Friends to Miffy, they have so much choice. This wishlist was pretty easy to put together as I want everything, but I went with my six most lusted after items for you lovelies to see, let me know what you think!

Playstation One Notebook:
I don't care what anyone says, this is the coolest notebook I have ever seen!! This takes me back to my childhood and my first games console, I remember spending long hours playing Rugrats and Toy Story and this notebook just makes that real again. I am one of those people who buy tons of notebooks and will never use them as they're too nice and this is another one of them!

Central Perk Mug:
Of course something friends related was going to make it onto this list, I am obsessed with friends and think I always will be, despite seeing a picture of Joey and Chandler now and they look about 80 and that makes me sad. I think this just a mug every friends fan needs in their collection.

Mean Girls Tee:
Officially the best Mean Girls tee I've ever seen, I am addicted to the film and I think it's always going to be cool, I love this tee as it's the best part of the whole thing and I am a huge fan of white t-shirts and this doesn't have too much going on so it's great to capture the essence of the film.

My Little Pony Jumper:
Despite being an 'adult' I would happily wear this jumper, whether it be outside on a chilly day or just inside on a relaxing Sunday I adore this jumper, it's too many levels of cuteness! I love the bright colours and the lovely print on it. I love the fact that the ponies look so adorable and the fact that it is an exclusive to Truffle Shuffle meaning it's less likely to be worn by many others!

Little Miss Giggles Mug:
How adorable is this though? I love the fact it takes me straight back into my childhood with a element of being an adult with a coffee cup. I think it's a great way to drink your favourite drink on the go, and such a fun way to do so. I would also say little miss giggles is the mr men I am most like.

Disney Couture Ring:
I have lusted after Disney Couture since I found it was a thing, after seeing this on the Truffle Shuffle website I fell in love. I've recently become a ring fanatic and I love wearing them and I think it's lovely as it has a really lovely message on 'have faith in your dreams' which is the quote which I want in my next tattoo!