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 Until this summer I wasn't really aware of all of the own brand products that Superdrug sells, it was brought to my attention when I took part in the summer swap shop which you can read about here how many amazing own brand products Superdrug have, from shampoo lip balm they have it all. Recently I have started to use face masks again after having a long love-hate relationship with them. When visiting my local Superdrug after hearing so many good things about their own branded face masks I decided to take the plunge a purchase a few. When I went to pick some I noticed they had a 3 for 2 offer on, and they are 99p and £2.00 for three face masks is great in my opinion as you can pay a hell of a lot for a decent face mask. I decided today I would review three face masks I purchased and what my thoughts were on them.

Superdrug Face Masks
 I purchased a cooling cucumber clay mask, an exfoliating mask and also a white chocolate one. I decided I would go for the white chocolate one first as I was craving chocolate that day and I thought it might help the cravings by having it on my face (turns out it didn't) but worth a try? The face mask gives off a gorgeous chocolate smell and is filled with cocoa and shea butter, as well as almond oil which is the perfect combo for soft skin and I, have to agree this worked so perfectly on my skin, leaving me with soft skin for days.

Secondly, I tried out the exfoliating mask which is made from cranberry and blueberry extracts for a deep and cleansing mask and then strawberry seeds which give you the ultimate scrub, perfect for a deep clean of those pores and to leave your skin feeling fresh. I enjoyed this mask as it gave me clear skin, and made me feel a lot more confident in my skin too. The final mask which I tried out was the cooling cucumber, this to me sounded the most relaxing, and couldn't resist when it came to popping a couple of pieces of cucumber over my eyes whilst I had a bit a chill out in the bath with this mask. This mask is made of cucumber extracts and also dead sea minerals this is awesome for vibrant and soft skin, which is my aim on a general day to day basis. Out of all three, my favourite had have been the chocolate one as it left my skin soft for days!

Another few bonuses a long with the cheap price tag is that the face masks are all vegan and free from any parabens which is always great when you are looking for a face mask. I would happily repurchase any of these masks, as they're all value for money and perfect for an everyday pamper. I would recommend using one of these twice a week as using them every day probably would make your skin sore and unhappy.

Superdrug Face Masks