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This post is going to shock a lot of you, as I am admitting I haven't watched a lot of the shows which are widely talked about on twitter, there's a few which I am considering watching and others not so much. I feel like I am making a serious confession here rather than admitting I haven't watched a fewwwww TV series! SO what are the five shows which I haven't seen I hear you ask!

Pretty Little Liars
I thought I would confess to this one first as this is the which inspired me to write this post, I have a feeling I literally am one of the only people on twitter not to see this, when I wrote this post it was the day after A was announced and it sent twitter into a meltdown. I have to admit this show did seem appealing to me when I was 16 and watched a lot of MTV, but I never started to watch it and now 5 series later, I still haven't got around to it. The way I see it is I already know who A is, so it's pointless now right? Also judging by twitter the person who is A is actually disappointing too.

Orange Is The New Black
Out of the list this is currently the series I am most considering watching as it does seem interesting and I am lost without the last series I am watching, when this started I didn't have Netflix and when I got Netflix I got caught up watching Ru Pauls Drag Race and documentaries rather than series' it does seem different to anything else out there, I know that the show is about a woman in her thirties who is sent to jail for transporting money 10 years ago to her drug dealing girlfriend and I guess it's about her life in prison. But is it worth the watch? Let me know.

Breaking Bad
My boyfriend is obsessed with this show, and it's one I've heard a lot about from people but it hasn't struck my interest so far, I've been told by a few people who have seen it the fact that it takes a lot to get into and the first few series are not great. So I know this show is about crystal meth and a teacher who makes it? I am not sure it's the kind of thing which I would like compared to what I would usually watch, but feel free to tell me why I should?

The Walking Dead
Everyone in my life has seen this except for me, after reading up upon this I have learnt that it is about a group of survivors who survive a zombie apocalypse and it's about them searching for a safe place to live whilst living life as survivors against the zombies and humans who are even more dangerous than the zombies! I like the idea behind this and hadn't really taken the time to find out about it until now, I may take this up in my spare time.

Once Upon A Time 
From reading a quick synopsis on google and reading about it on twitter I have learnt this is like a fairytale mixed with real life, which does sound pretty cool! I love all things disney and fairy tales so this may be the show for me. Another show which I've read is hard to get into at first but well worth sticking with, I've read a few articles which suggest it features some of the Frozen characters too? I think it would be a show worth watching just to see a modern day spin on fairy tales!


  1. I haven't actually seen any of these either apart from breaking bad. I do agree that breaking bad takes a while to get into but it is definitely worth getting into! I recommended it to my parents though and they didn't get past the first series so it probably depends, if it's not your type of thing you might not enjoy it but if you've got the time definitely give it a chance!
    Amy x

  2. I love Once Upon a Time and if you love Disney the you will too! It's a little hard to get into for the first couple of episodes but now I'm 14 in and loving it :). They're really long seasons too which will keep you going over winter x

  3. Anonymous31/8/15

    Once Upon a Time is one of my favourite shows, I love how they've brought fairy tale characters into the modern world. I'd highly recommend it :)

  4. You are missing out, my friend! I love all these!