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Sex Educution

Those of you who are reading this probably know what triggered this post if you live in the UK and on Thursday night you watched "Sex In Class" a documentary produced by Channel 4. I love Channel 4 documentaries as they are open and cover so many topics and I love to find out new information about things I hadn't previously heard about. Basically the documentary is about a a Belgian sexologist come into one British high school and each sex ed in a more open and unique way. Now when I was at school we had one lesson on how to put a condom on a male with the whole year group and then another about the other forms of contraception, both which felt uneasy as they were with the whole class and nobody would take it seriously plus this was taught in year 9 when everyone already knew most of the stuff the teacher had to say, whilst watching the channel 4 documentary, I felt that it opened up some subjects which aren't covered in sex ed and really should be. The guys within the class really didn't have much respect for the girls which was not great to watch, and the whole time I spent the entire time yelling at the TV, you are vile!

Although they are indeed teenage boys, if they are infact having sex and inflicting things they have seen on porn on young girls it can have bad consequences. The chances are the boys were just playing up to the camera, but the lack of knowledge in the class and probably most other classrooms in Britain was shocking. In my opinion the reason behind this is the fact that teens learn most of their sex ed from the internet or their friends, and the part of the internet which they learn their info from is in fact porn, which most don't realize it's all acted and in fact most women are not like that in the bedroom. I think in depth sex education should be taught at school, most teenagers will be embarssed and I know I would of been, but in the long run I think it will help broaden their horizions and also teach younger males about what is not okay, in porn noone asks for consent, you don't see the male, turn to the female and say is it okay if I do this now, it's just done and that gives younger views a wrong view of what is okay. Women aren't objects and it should be taught in the classroom how important consent really is, and not just the dangers of teen pregnancy, which I think is the only thing which is covered about sex. How about the fact that teens need to know the outcomes of their actions, the truth about real sex as well as remembering to use protection, and learning what forms of contraception there are.

Being a teenager who had a massive lack of sex eduction, I think it's time to change. I am aware that some people will never okay with their child learning about this within school, but why not? It's what happens in life and it needs to be talked about and with no disrespect to other subjects, why is this not taught instead of less important ones? E.g. Art, Citizenship? I think teens are taught a very outdated version of sex ed and they need updating and taught the realness of it.

What are your views on this subject? 


  1. I couldn't agree more! I came from a catholic school so you can only imagine our sex ed thought school. We had don't have sex you'll get STIs and die, how periods work. No mention of consent, or sexual protection and I think we would have had more chance of being taught Scientology than what a clitoris was or where to find one. Our sex education was woeful and only started improving when they started getting SIXTH FORM STUDENTS to teach the Apause programme. Then they also got some myth busting and consent. Still no contraception though!! I still argue to this day that the reason our school had such high teenage pregnancy and that one guy who got sent to prison for sexual assault is that children still aren't taught about their bodies, sex, consent, contraceition and sexual pleasure. Children are armed with this knowledge from the wrong sources and it needs to stop. We owe it to younger generations to teach them better than we were taught and empower them.

  2. I went to a Catholic school and we got no see ed at all! We only got one short talk on periods and then nothing else at all as far as I can remember which is disgraceful. And they wondered why we had a few pregnancies in year 11 because no one was told anything apart from my sex before marriage.

    There definitely needs to be more lessons on this in all schools as it's all very outdated! The older teachers (my school was ran by people in their late 50s) need to realise that times have changed and people start having sex and younger ages and that they need to prepare their students for it - not just tell them no. X

  3. Fabulous post!

    From a counter-perspective at my school we actually had a pretty good education on sex and health albeit in year 9, which is perhaps a bit too late. We had this wonderful lady come in to talk about all the different methods of contraception, STDs, squash some myths etc. She had this amazing attitude basically saying sex is fun, don't be ashamed to talk about it, it's ok to giggle at all the funny words and body parts.

    She then told us this story about a young man she had counselled who, as most young men do went to a bar, met a lovely attractive young woman, went back to his and had sex. The next day two police officers turned up at his house and cut a long story short the girl was only 15. He was subsequently put on the sex offenders register. I know this isn't particularly about sex itself but she was warning us about the repercussions about lying about your age and other aspects of sex. It's funny what you remember isn't it, but that story always stuck with me.

    I think I was probably very fortunate and I understand that most schools seem to have a very British attitude of 'sex is not something we discuss', which is a real shame and obviously needs to be changed.

    Molly /

  4. I totally agree with you here, I had a very basic sex education that did not prepare me at all, it didn't answer the questions I had.

  5. I watched it too!
    I thought it was such a great programme, it really showed that the dutch are doing something right with their kids,why haven't we adopted it already?
    Showing that whilst sex is about love and compassion, it's also about pleasure and that we shouldn't abuse the pleasure and replace it with just love, then it becomes an obligation..
    I personally think that's what's happening in schools..they don't understand that sex is about pleasure and the girls often give it up as an obligation to being in a relationship.
    Hope things will change soon!
    Amy /

  6. Completely agree! Sex ed is normally delivered by female teachers/nurses whom the boys won't necessarily respect. Boys need sex ed from men who can be male role models and talk with them in a frank way.
    This is such a society issue - where are the famous men who are teaching our young boys to respect women? Footballers? Rappers? Reality stars? There are not many 'real men' or gentlemen in the public eye that these boys can model themselves on.

  7. I've got this recorded on my sky+ so will have to watch, sounds interesting! I kind of remember sex ed and your right we already knew everything they told us! Also my step sister had sex ed and she's in year 6! X

  8. Do you really think that art and citizenship are less valuable subjects? I would have to disagree there - school can be an awfully stifling environment for creative people and subjects such as art can give them something to enjoy. I do agree with the majority of your post, but I think it would be wrong to class art as an unimportant subject.

  9. Really intriguing topic! I don't ever remember being taught Sex Ed properly in school. We watched a video about how everything works biologically and how babies were born, and that was pretty much it. I think kids find it embarrassing and awkward to talk about, so perhaps we should look at why they feel this way and then approach topics they want to know more about x