Pure Beauty Skin Wishlist

Some of you may be aware I've recently branched out into skincare a lot more and taking a lot better care of my skin after I keep suffering from bad acne. I took the time to read up on different products which may help improve my skin as well as make me feel better in myself. I decided today I would bring you a wishlist of my top 3 skin care wants from Pure Beauty if you haven't heard of Pure Beauty you can view their site here and they sell all things Dermologica, from face cleansers to eye treatments. I think people forget how important skin care really is, and I am definitely guilty of this.

Daytime Acne Treatment:
Despite not being a teenager myself, from what the product offers I think it is the perfect product to keep my acne at bay. It is a simple application in the form of a moisturiser and it helps to keep the clean and ready to fight against acne.

Clay Cleanser: 
Since recently visiting The Body Shop and being told about a body clay, I am determined to try one for my face, due to how soft and in good condition it left my body. I think clay is great as it pulls all of the bad stuff out of your skin in the form of a cleanser and then you are able to give your face a deeper clean leaving you feeling a lot fresher and nicer. It's also perfect for removing all of the excess oil from your skin which I definitely need help with.

Exfoliating Body Scrub:
I am all about exfoliating my face, but it's not something I have to admit I have done to my body much, which I should start doing more as it's key to get rid of dead skin and leave your skin in a better condition, it leaves you skin feeling a lot clear and removes all of the nasty things which lay on the surface of your skin.

*This post was in collaboration with Pure Beauty