My Beanies Stash Review

Isn't this just the cutest thing ever? Well it is! So today I am bringing you a review of my beanies stash which if you can't tell from the pictures is 9 mini pots of coffee all in a different flavour, some of them a little strange for coffee like gingerbread and cinder toffee but they're all tried and tested and promised to be lovely flavoured coffee. As a recent lover of coffee I decided this would be the perfect trial for me! 

Being a lover of Vanilla, I headed straight for that for my first cup, Vanilla has always been a favourite scent and taste for me whether it be in candle for, ice cream form or even coffee, although I could smell the vanilla I found the coffee itself to be a bit weak tasting. I am not a fan of nutty tastes so I gave these my boyfriend to try whose verdict is that they may not be for everyone e.g. people who don't enjoy a strong nutty taste, but they are enjoyable. I decided my top three are chocolate orange, gingerbread and of course vanilla! They are all sweet tasting, and give you a nice hit of flavour which isn't too strong but a new and interesting taste when you don't fancy normal coffee and the exciting thing about these coffees are that they are only 2 calories per cup and they are sweet so no sugar is needed which means less calories! I love the packaging that it came in!

This box is a perfect present for a family member or a friend who loves coffee and for £22.50 you can purchase this when trying to find a few new cofffees you love more than others you can also purchase them individually, although they are little more pricey than other coffees it comes with the freshness and the flavours I assume.The packaging is adorable as all of the different labels are colours which match their flavour inside, which made me smile and I also think as a collection the colours work well with each other and it looks so lovely! I am little worried about the lack of taste in some of the flavours, but I think that is down to them being 2 calories per cup. Overall I like the product and would recommend it.

Would you try flavoured coffee? 

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  1. Anonymous30/8/15

    These look fab! Will try these once baby out and can fancy coffee again x
    Stacey * unicornmummy.com