Makeup Revolution| Redemption Acid Brights Palette.

I have fallen in love with Make Up Revolution ever since they came around a little over a year ago, their cheap prices with their high quality products drew a lot of people in and I am glad to say it worked on me. Lipsticks for a £1, Makeup Palettes for less than £8 and lots of other amazing quality products. Due to it being summer, and me falling in love with the idea of bright eyeshadow looks I decided to invest in this brights palettes after all of the ones I've owned previously being such good quality! I thought swatching the colours would give you an idea of how bright they are too! 

Bright palette from makeup revoultion

Bright palette

This palette has a range of matte and shimmery shades, I love that bright colours come off as bright as they look giving you the chance to create some great summery looks. I love the pinks in the palette as well as the purple. I am not sure I would branch out to the green or orange but you never know! I didn't swatch the white due to it being too light to appear on my hand but it will make a great base or I think it would work well if wet. I think you can make some adorable summer looks with this and it's also festival perfect as you can double it up and use it as war paint on your face or do an over the top crazily awesome eye look! This palette costs £4.00 which is amazing value for the amount of shades you get in the palette and I would recommend this or any of their palettes to anyone looking to branch out or build up their makeup collection on a budget. You can purchase the palette here.

Makeup revolution brights palette

Olivia Thristan


  1. Yayy! I love this palette although I don't reach for it that often. I done a post a while back with a look I done with this. Some of the shades I've had to wet my brush to get a vibrant pay off like the yellow and light blue in particular, all other shades were good just as they are. Love it! x

  2. Interesting review - I have also reviewed the Acid Brights palette on my blog (link here if you're interested!) but I was much more scathing than you have been; it's funny how certain products agree with some people and not others, isn't it?

    I do have one good thing to say about the palette though - it is incredibly photogenic, your pictures are lovely ❤

    Poppy |