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Hi all, I thought today I would give you a bit of a review of a product and a brand, I only recently came across called Little Ondine, and they are a company who makes nail varnish with a twist. There is a few twists with their nail varnish, but the biggest is that their varnish is actually peelable which is amazing as you can take it off yourself without remover! A few other claims of the polish is that it is odour free and dries quickly. So is this nail varnish too good to be true? 

Little Ondine

Little Ondine colours

The first thing I noticed about the polishes is the fact that their box is made out of cardboard which I think is super savvy and also easy to recycle, I love the way it comes apart and on the inside it gives you tips how to apply and also what the polish does which I found super cool! Secondly I noticed the amazingly bright colours of the nail varnish! Often when ordering online when I receive an item the colour looks nothing like what it does but these definitely do! I love the branding of this product too, it's very simple but gives it a classy feel. Next are the claims, the first one being odour free which when I went to smell it there is actually no scent which is crazy as that's one of the main things some people dislike about nail varnish.

 The better it is after the more coats, which is like most polishes really, it becomes brighter and gives a better coverage if applied on top which I did 3 times to make sure I got a nice coverage. The claim which I found the most unbelievable is the peel off factor, when it came to taking it off I couldn't believe how easily it came off, I just picked at it and it came off! This can also be a downside as some people can do things which involve them chipping their nails and this would result in it coming off, so for long lasting nail varnish I wouldn't pick this, but it's perfect if you just want your nails painted for one night or you are able to look after your nails a lot better than me!  Overall I was happy with this product and for £7.20 I would purchase it as a bit of a treat, as the colours are AMAZING.

Little Ondine colours

* I was sent these polishes to review, opinion 100% honest.
Olivia Thristan


  1. I've heard about these literally everywhere! They look brilliant, although more a weekend nail varnish I think.. As I don't think they would last a week on my nails in my job!
    They're lovely colours though, I need to buy some!! :)

  2. Oh my god I've never seen these before! Never heard of them either. I'm terrible for picking things off though so they would probably last 5 minutes with me!
    Pretty colours though.