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GOSH eyeshadow

This month I have officially brought some summer shades into my make-up look, I love wearing brown and grey eyeshadow all year round but I thought it was finally time to mix it, I decided to include these gorgeous pinks and silvers into my everyday looks. I started with the base of a white shade to line the base, so when I added the pink it was extra bright and finally finish off the look with some gorgeous glitter. I am really into brights at the moment and although I am currently looking investing in an Urban Decay palette, I have decided to trail out some brights from the drugstore first. Gosh isn't a brand a lot of people consider as a go to brand despite it being in Superdrug and I think it gets left behind at times which is silly because I love them as a brand and think they have amazing quality products, such as nail varnish, eyeshadows and lipsticks.

 My favourite currently being these gorgeous shades from the SS15 range, whilst it's summer I plan to make the most of these bright shades along with others. I find these eyeshadows work amazing when used wet or dry and tend to enjoy using them with the three shades in the palette to make an amazing pink look, and then finishing with some black liner, although I am considering trying out some brighter eyeliners for a bit of fun, as I am bored of just your average black and brown ones. I find these shadows long lasting, and give off the same lovely look as when applied. The only down fall with these are the fact that they are powder, I find that when they are in my bag, can often get broken up into bits so it's messier when it comes to the next use, but other than that I would totally re- buy these again.
Olivia Thristan

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  1. I don't know why I've never tried anything from Gosh as I've heard really good things about their collection. I don't own alot of brights so I think I'll give these a go next time I'm in Superdrug.

    Roxie x