Funkin Cocktails Review

Is it just me who has tried to make cocktails at home with six easy steps and it has ended up tasting either way too weak and nothing like the cocktail it is supposed to or ending up adding the completely wrong amounts of alcohol and making a lethal concoction rather than a cocktail itself. I am not really a fan of any other alcoholic beverage apart from vodka which always ends badly for myself. Today I am bringing you the way to go get great tasting cocktails with a tiny bit of mixing and a lot of ice.  

Funkin Cocktails Review

Funkin Cocktails are the perfect way to create your favourite cocktails in a matter of seconds, I invited my best friend Soph (who also has a blog which you can read here) round and with the help of her and my house mate Kee we decided to tackle some the cocktails. Bottle of vodka in tow I made up the first batch of Strawberry Daiquiri by simply adding a shot or two into the carton popping the lid back on and shaking it all up, then pouring over some ice and adding a straw (didn't go as far as the umbrella) and for a student this felt out of the ordinary but so much easier than any other attempt at cocktails I've ever tried. Following this we decided to stay on theme of strawberry and head for the strawberry woo woo, which I enjoyed more than the daiquiri.

 I am saving the rest of the cocktail mixers for another occasion as I felt it would be pretty cool to hold some kind of cocktail party and get a range of cocktails as well as spirits. But to give you an idea of what other awesome cocktails you can create from funkin' I thought I would share with you there link to all of their products. If you are interested in purchasing some of the mixers, they are also stocked in Waitrose, Asda and Tesco.

What is your favourite cocktail?