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So with the fling of your cap you've graduated, and the care free days of university life are now behind you. But as that black cap comes falling down, reality can hit hard. For 2 or 3 years you've had your life planned out before you, but now you’re on your own and wondering what to do next. Because the truth is, nobody ever prepares you for life after uni, and as much as you keep telling yourself that you’re a grown-up, you really don’ feel like one. But although the job market can feel fierce, the world is now yours for the taking! No longer do you need to sit pondering about what you want to do, because now is the time to take action and set yourself upon a new exciting journey that can lead you anywhere. Thanks to the golden ticket that is now a degree, doors are going to open for you, but only if you find the key…  

Ask yourself this question…
What do you really want to do?
You may be one of the lucky few who have always known what they want to be when their all grown-up, but for the majority of us we’re still working it out. It’s rare that you know exactly the job you want to take on, so to make it easier on yourself and think about the things that you enjoy doing the most. If you can find a career that you love doing then you’ll set yourself up for a far better work life experience, and gain a much happier balance. Of course although eating cake is what many of us love doing, be realistic, as Mary Berry has already taken that position.

Don’t be generic
The scattergun approach of sending our your CV to every company with a position is never going to work, remember everyone will be doing this, so don’t be basic and think of inventive ways that you can sell yourself. Whether it’s a delicious box of chocolates sent to the director of the company with a businesscard USB stick of your CV and portfolio or a shoe posted to your would be manager to get your ‘foot in the door’, you can find out their likes and dislikes thanks to a little social stalking. And it’s nothing new, some of the most creative professionals have landedtheir dream jobs in much crazier ways.
Note down all the best things about you and the points that they’ve posted in the job description, and create a way in that portrays these.

Do your homework
If you think homework stopped at university then you’re going at your job hunt all wrong!
Utilise your skills for research for finding your perfect job, from looking at brands that you love to see if they’re recruiting, to searching their current employees to find out what it’s really like to work there. You may be surprised at what you find, and this is a chance for you to find a place that can help your career thrive.

Show your passion
A degree can be a help or a hindrance, but what can really make you stand out is your experience.
It’s surprising how much this matters, as for many employers both work and life experience plays a vital role in helping you to carry out your work. Try volunteering yourself for a short internship whilst you search for a job, or even start a blog where you can show off your skills and passion for the area that you want to get into. You only need to look at the amount of bloggers that have found their dream vocation thanks to hitting the keyboard. It’s free to start so what’s stopping you?

Keep learning
Life is one big learning curve and you’ll be expected to learn new things in your job role as well, so taking the initiative to do some further learning after your degree can show your future employers that you’re keen to be an asset to the company and willing to learn new things.There are a variety of online courses which are free and cover all sorts of topics from marketing to journalism, or nutrition to childcare, and can be a stepping stone to a your dream role. Whilst you’re waiting to get you first break, create a routine for yourself, as the boredom monster can soon send you round the bend waiting for the phone to ring. Keep busy and above all stay positive!

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