Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips

I have recently fallen in love with all things Korea and also Japan and although they are both very different, they both have the cutest items, including clothes, beauty and other items like phone cases and toys. Whilst I was growing up I'd forever search the term 'Kawaii' into google to try find the cutest items I could and also I had an addiction to earrings which you could always find adorable ones with that. Recently after hearing a lot about Korean cosmetics I decided to trial some lipsticks from a site called Etude House, which you can purchase from directly or you can find Ebay sellers who sell the same product and although it takes longer to come it usually works out cheaper if you are only placing a small order. After seeing these lipsticks appear in many places I decided I would purchase them and I am not going to lie I was drawn in a little (a lot) by the adorable packaging! I went for two pink shades, which when they arrived do look very similar but they're actually not. One has more of an orange undertone whereas the other is a lot more of darker pink. After applying the lipstick I discovered they're not as pigmented as what I assumed they would be they are more a pale looking pink, and it leaves a glossy feel on the lips. 

Although I was disappointed with these particular colours, I can't wait to be able to place a huge order from Etude House to try out their sheet masks, eyeliners and nail colours as they all look outta this world. I have my eyes on a few other Korean brands which I have heard some great things about and maybe one day will also purchase from them, the best thing about makeup having super duper cute packaging is when the product doesn't work out they still look adorable! If you are considering purchasing one of these lipsticks I would recommend Ebay to see if you like them as you can get them for as little as £2.00, which is totally amazing to trial a product. I would say to get these if you like lighter colours on your lips although they look bright they're not. 

Etude House Lipstick

Etude House 1


  1. The packaging is ultra pretty! <3


  2. These are so cute! I love the packaging :) xx

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  4. The packaging of these lipsticks are gorgeous!!

    Emily xo

  5. The packaging is absolutely amazing on these! Its a shame the actual product didn't live up to your expectations though.

    Grace xx


  6. I'd love to try these, I'm obsessed with Japan and Korea and these products look so cute!