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I am happy to have finally gotten around to reviewing one of my favourite and longest loving brand on my blog today, Collection. A brand which I often think is overlooked when it comes to beauty, I remember investing in their eyeliners and nail varnishes when I was about 14 and thinking I was amazing at make up this was before the awful orange foundation came into my life. So Collection, I have loved their pen eyeliners for a number of years, the Concealer 'lasting perfection' which I actually reviewed here is a huge hit and nearly always out of stock and I have recently had some of their newer releases in my life.

Bronzing and Blush Blocks* I have seen some other brands do these in the past and not been a big fan of the way they turn out as they never normally look nice. I do have to say from what I've tried of these so far, I am loving them! Especially the blusher one, it gives your skin a nice summery glow and it leaves your skin with a shimmer which I think looks gorgeous! Next is the Collection uncovered palette, I love seeing drugstore equivalents of high end products and eyeshadow is no exception, where eyeshadow is involved I will wear darker colours and these are the perfect colours for me. Some people won't appreciate this particular palette as the shades are shimmery, but I love them and think they look gorgeous on and are great for blending.

Next is the speedy blush stick, something I am yet to of heard of anywhere else, when I saw the colour of this I was little shocked as it's very vibrant and I was scared it would give me the look of a clown but it actually looks lovely on once blended in properly, the best part is you can draw on the blush exactly where you want it and then blend so it pretty quick and simple to do, I know this comes in a variety of colours so if you want a lighter one there is one for you. Finally the matt lip butters which I am loving, they come in a range of vibrant and pretty colours, although the colour isn't very long lasting, when applied it leaves your lips feeling moisturised!

Blush and Bronzing block


matt lip colour

What are you loving from Collection Cosmetics?

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