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It's a stressful time this week for those expecting A level grades as they are what is between you and getting into your dream university, for me the worst part is definitely building up to the big day and contemplating how you did in exams which you took months ago but they can cause a huge impact. Although I was lucky and didn't go through clearing I know of a few people who did, if you are unaware of what clearing is, it's about finding a similar course or the same course but a different university to your chosen one enabling to you still be able to study and although it's disappointing to have to do this its an great way to be able to study what you want to study. Clearing itself can be a stressful thing to have to go through and involve you spending a lot of time on the phone trying to find a place on a course as many courses can be filled up quickly and you need to find one who will accept the points/grades you do have. I thought I would share with you a few tips to dealing with clearing and how to stay calm during the process.

Tip One:
Write a list of things you wanted from the university itself beforehand, e.g. location, the things that the course offers and then when taking another offer from university it gives you the chance to find out what that university offers so you aren't too disappointed when you arrive at your university.

Tip Two:
Stay postive, it's super important to remember you've still done well enough to get into university, and although it may not have been your first or second choice, there are still options. Which means there are still paths you can take to achieve your dreams.

Tip Three:
See what is out there, talk to people like universities, colleges and careers advisers as they may be able to help you find a new course or help you by finding another alternative to what you want to do, remember university isn't the only option.

For those of you who are coming to the end of your courses, I think this video will be super helpful for ways to better yourself and learn about life outside of university.

*This post is in collaboration with The University Of Greenwich*
Olivia Thristan

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