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As promised I plan to post a lot more fashion styled posts on here, I decided I would start with a black and white edition, sharing all of my favourites granted they are mostly black as most of my wardrobe tends to be, but I have aimed to get some girly fashion into here as well, I usually purchase things which are quite grungey as this my overall style, although I do tend to wear a lot of dresses in summer, of course paired up with a staple pair of converse, because I love dresses and converse as it's comfy and an easy outfit to pull off. If I am going out in the evening I like to pair my outfits with a simple pair of black heels whether that be a wedge or a platform. I had to add a Michael Korrs bag to this wishlist as his bags a dream and I still need to get my hands on one! I love that my style can still be quite classy despite looking like my 14 year old self in some of these items! 

Black and white fashion

Olivia Thristan

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