A picture tells a Minion Words

Hey lovelies, a bit of a different post for you all today. One about something a lot of you may know of and LOVE. It's about Minions, I was recently contacted by the lovely team at talented talkers about working with them on awesome post concerning minions and I was kindly sent some goodies, a minion bean bag (which we use in our student house) and a minion monopoly which if you don't know me I am a huge fan of it! Me and my friends decided one Friday night (we clearly lead exciting lives) we would crack out the monopoly, the board is so fun as it's places in the minion film and the pieces are all minions, and the dice is also a spinning minion which is a great laugh and although it's supposed to be aimed at children I do believe adults can enjoy it just as much, for one reason it's a lot less dragged out than the normal monopoly and a lot easier. All of the money is in minion dollars which is super easy to do as it's all in 1's. I think minions are great and a fun way for the family get to get together and play a game suitable for all!

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