Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips

I have recently fallen in love with all things Korea and also Japan and although they are both very different, they both have the cutest items, including clothes, beauty and other items like phone cases and toys. Whilst I was growing up I'd forever search the term 'Kawaii' into google to try find the cutest items I could and also I had an addiction to earrings which you could always find adorable ones with that. Recently after hearing a lot about Korean cosmetics I decided to trial some lipsticks from a site called Etude House, which you can purchase from directly or you can find Ebay sellers who sell the same product and although it takes longer to come it usually works out cheaper if you are only placing a small order. After seeing these lipsticks appear in many places I decided I would purchase them and I am not going to lie I was drawn in a little (a lot) by the adorable packaging! I went for two pink shades, which when they arrived do look very similar but they're actually not. One has more of an orange undertone whereas the other is a lot more of darker pink. After applying the lipstick I discovered they're not as pigmented as what I assumed they would be they are more a pale looking pink, and it leaves a glossy feel on the lips. 

Although I was disappointed with these particular colours, I can't wait to be able to place a huge order from Etude House to try out their sheet masks, eyeliners and nail colours as they all look outta this world. I have my eyes on a few other Korean brands which I have heard some great things about and maybe one day will also purchase from them, the best thing about makeup having super duper cute packaging is when the product doesn't work out they still look adorable! If you are considering purchasing one of these lipsticks I would recommend Ebay to see if you like them as you can get them for as little as £2.00, which is totally amazing to trial a product. I would say to get these if you like lighter colours on your lips although they look bright they're not. 

Etude House Lipstick

Etude House 1

Firsts| My first tattoo!

So, some of you may know (probably most as I posted it on every social media site that I own) that last month I got my FIRST tattoo! I've wanted one since I was 18 and I am now 20, but something has always gotten in the way of me getting one. Finally I plucked up the courage and booked it, which I was so nervous about. Before going into the shop I felt like I was going to be sick, I was so scared of the pain I even said to the tattoo artist that I might throw up. Turns out, it actually didn't hurt as much as I thought it would, in fact it barely hurt at all. The only part which I found that stung was the colour which is obviously going to hurt more. So what did I get for my first tattoo? I got a gorgeous anchor which is attached a rope which is in an infinity symbol shape with two pink flowers on or you can just look below at the pictures.

 Even now I can't stop looking down at my arm, it's so interesting to have something so awesome on my body and I am not going to lie, I am planning on booking my second very soon! This tattoo has a very special meaning to me, and it has a lot about me overcoming my struggles and being stronger than ever, and I plan to keep facing my fears head on and becoming stronger every single day, and I think this beautiful piece of art signifies that. I got my tattoo done at Stafford Vivid Ink and you can see their website here they're part of a chain so I know they're awesome to go, plus my friend and boyfriend also have fab tattoos from there. I won't hesitate about going back there and building up my arm full of beautiful pieces. 

Have you got a tattoo? 

Finding a job after graduation | Lifestyle

So with the fling of your cap you've graduated, and the care free days of university life are now behind you. But as that black cap comes falling down, reality can hit hard. For 2 or 3 years you've had your life planned out before you, but now you’re on your own and wondering what to do next. Because the truth is, nobody ever prepares you for life after uni, and as much as you keep telling yourself that you’re a grown-up, you really don’ feel like one. But although the job market can feel fierce, the world is now yours for the taking! No longer do you need to sit pondering about what you want to do, because now is the time to take action and set yourself upon a new exciting journey that can lead you anywhere. Thanks to the golden ticket that is now a degree, doors are going to open for you, but only if you find the key…  

Ask yourself this question…
What do you really want to do?
You may be one of the lucky few who have always known what they want to be when their all grown-up, but for the majority of us we’re still working it out. It’s rare that you know exactly the job you want to take on, so to make it easier on yourself and think about the things that you enjoy doing the most. If you can find a career that you love doing then you’ll set yourself up for a far better work life experience, and gain a much happier balance. Of course although eating cake is what many of us love doing, be realistic, as Mary Berry has already taken that position.

Don’t be generic
The scattergun approach of sending our your CV to every company with a position is never going to work, remember everyone will be doing this, so don’t be basic and think of inventive ways that you can sell yourself. Whether it’s a delicious box of chocolates sent to the director of the company with a businesscard USB stick of your CV and portfolio or a shoe posted to your would be manager to get your ‘foot in the door’, you can find out their likes and dislikes thanks to a little social stalking. And it’s nothing new, some of the most creative professionals have landedtheir dream jobs in much crazier ways.
Note down all the best things about you and the points that they’ve posted in the job description, and create a way in that portrays these.

Do your homework
If you think homework stopped at university then you’re going at your job hunt all wrong!
Utilise your skills for research for finding your perfect job, from looking at brands that you love to see if they’re recruiting, to searching their current employees to find out what it’s really like to work there. You may be surprised at what you find, and this is a chance for you to find a place that can help your career thrive.

Show your passion
A degree can be a help or a hindrance, but what can really make you stand out is your experience.
It’s surprising how much this matters, as for many employers both work and life experience plays a vital role in helping you to carry out your work. Try volunteering yourself for a short internship whilst you search for a job, or even start a blog where you can show off your skills and passion for the area that you want to get into. You only need to look at the amount of bloggers that have found their dream vocation thanks to hitting the keyboard. It’s free to start so what’s stopping you?

Keep learning
Life is one big learning curve and you’ll be expected to learn new things in your job role as well, so taking the initiative to do some further learning after your degree can show your future employers that you’re keen to be an asset to the company and willing to learn new things.There are a variety of online courses which are free and cover all sorts of topics from marketing to journalism, or nutrition to childcare, and can be a stepping stone to a your dream role. Whilst you’re waiting to get you first break, create a routine for yourself, as the boredom monster can soon send you round the bend waiting for the phone to ring. Keep busy and above all stay positive!

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Will brands ever use 'real' women for their campaigns? | Lifestyle

I find hard to believe in 2015, the debate about the size of models is still going on. Despite years of women arguing to show the real face of women in magazines and in ad campaigns there is still a negative image going around. I hate the fact that brands photoshop their women for one, I think it's wrong and it doesn't give a true perception. Some brands will argue that without the editing it doesn't convince you to buy the items sold but I believe I would be likely to buy an item which was modelled on a real woman as opposed to the perfect woman. I think it's great that more brands are starting to use women of all shapes and sizes, which previously wasn't done and I think it is great that there is a huge rise in the amount of plus sized women which are now being featured in ad campaigns too.

Being a woman I think that it can be difficult not to compare yourself to some of the on campaigns as they are usually skinnier with no flaws. I know that some people do have a skinner body type and in my opinion that is fine, it's their body and sometimes can be out of the control and they still look amazing! But their is a difference between that and promoting constantly of skinny women, whenever I read the small print in a magazine which says what size the model is wearing it's always 6-10 I never see any of them wearing 12-14 which is one of the most purchased sizes in the UK. What happened to the medium between skinny and plus sized, where are the in between women? I think it would be great to feature more normal women as opposed to constantly using models, as those women in my opinion give a better perception of what the 'real' woman is.

As far as photoshop goes, I think it's ridiculous to photoshop elements of a person to make them look better, some people have larger thighs, others have a bigger nose, a larger bum, wider hips and should that be edited out? I don't think so. I am happy to see the increase is using more real women in AD campaigns, such as the recent Dove one which featured women with different skin colours, hair colours and even body shapes which I find fantastic. I believe that one day more real women will be shown throughout the pages of magazines, but for now I guess we will have to see all women that look like clones.

Kawaii Box Review

I've gotta admit, from the moment I recieved the email which said my box had been dispatched I was a little bit too happy! But who wouldn't be, as it meant I was a bit closer to receiving my first Kawaii Box if you don't know what the Kawaii Box is, it's basically a subscription box filled with adorable goodies from Japan and Korea like Birchbox or any other subscription you get 10-12 items (which is amazing) and it comes with free worldwide shipping and per month costs around £11 which is outta this world for what is in the box and I can happily say my first box was super successful and it's led to me wanting it every month (which will probably happen) it came on a day when it was raining and just bought a little bit of joy into a miserable Thursday!

The items in this months box were: a doughnut mirror compact, alpaca keyring, mushroom chain, a pencil set. glitter glue set, sticky note set, a bracelet, stickers, a coaster and sweets!

I loved everything in the box and can't wait to use it all, despite probably not using the glitter glue I still think it's so cute and it's things in the box which we just wouldn't get in the UK. For £11 some people may assume rubbish quality but it's honestly not. I love the keyring the most out of everything in the box and I will soon be doing a haul on Blippo as there's so much more that I want to purchase. I am thinking of buying 3 more coasters to go with the one in the box as they just make adorable little additions to your house and I have already put the pencils to good use as well as the sticky notes. I think the doughnut compact is a perfect thing to have in any handbag especially mine and I think it's got an amazing added touch as it smells like vanilla (don't ask why I was smelling it haha) If you are interested in subscribing to this awesome box you can do so here and it's well worth it! 

Kawaii Box July

Kawaii Box July

Kawaii Box July

Kawaii Box July

Kawaii Box July

You can also win yourself a Kawaii Box by filling out the rafflecopter below, this giveaway is open internationally and all you need to do is follow what is required on the giveaway to be in with a chance of winning! :)

Black and White | Fashion

As promised I plan to post a lot more fashion styled posts on here, I decided I would start with a black and white edition, sharing all of my favourites granted they are mostly black as most of my wardrobe tends to be, but I have aimed to get some girly fashion into here as well, I usually purchase things which are quite grungey as this my overall style, although I do tend to wear a lot of dresses in summer, of course paired up with a staple pair of converse, because I love dresses and converse as it's comfy and an easy outfit to pull off. If I am going out in the evening I like to pair my outfits with a simple pair of black heels whether that be a wedge or a platform. I had to add a Michael Korrs bag to this wishlist as his bags a dream and I still need to get my hands on one! I love that my style can still be quite classy despite looking like my 14 year old self in some of these items! 

Black and white fashion

Fun In The Sun | Lifestyle

I won't be the first and I certainly won't be the last person in Britain to moan about the weather, if you aren't from the UK, you won't understand the amount of weather changes we go through in a matter of days, one day it'll be so hot and you'll wear shorts and sandals, eat ice cream and sit in the sun and the next it'll be raining and you'll be wearing a winter jumper. So when the sun makes an appearance we definitely make the most of it! That includes getting out the BBQ, putting on our shorts, pulling out the sun loungers and even heading to the beach, because when the sun happens we don't know how long it'll last. I thought today I would bring you a post about the perfect summer companions even in Britain. So what would I recommend for your perfect day in the sun?

List of goodies for the perfect beach day:

A picnic blanket/towels to sit on.
A Frisbee and other things such as a football
Suncream: I always go for SPF20
Food such as sandwiches and crisps
A good book, always good if you're not one for the sea
Dry Shampoo is a saviour of mine for days when I have been warm
Water (lots and lots of it) 
A wireless speaker: The UE wireless speaker is perfect as it's waterproof.
Water Pistol is always fun and cools you down.
Treats (like cake and maybe even some ice cream)
Sunglasses: These are perfect for sunbathing and protecting your eyes.

Let me know what you would take for a beach day! 

Party in the park


UE speaker

Nerf Gun

Funkin Cocktails Review | Lifestyle

Is it just me who has tried to make cocktails at home with six easy steps and it has ended up tasting either way too weak and nothing like the cocktail it is supposed to or ending up adding the completely wrong amounts of alcohol and making a lethal concoction rather than a cocktail itself. I am not really a fan of any other alcoholic beverage apart from vodka which always ends badly for myself. Today I am bringing you the way to go get great tasting cocktails with a tiny bit of mixing and a lot of ice.  

Funkin Cocktails Review

Funkin Cocktails are the perfect way to create your favourite cocktails in a matter of seconds, I invited my best friend Soph (who also has a blog which you can read here) round and with the help of her and my house mate Kee we decided to tackle some the cocktails. Bottle of vodka in tow I made up the first batch of Strawberry Daiquiri by simply adding a shot or two into the carton popping the lid back on and shaking it all up, then pouring over some ice and adding a straw (didn't go as far as the umbrella) and for a student this felt out of the ordinary but so much easier than any other attempt at cocktails I've ever tried. Following this we decided to stay on theme of strawberry and head for the strawberry woo woo, which I enjoyed more than the daiquiri.

 I am saving the rest of the cocktail mixers for another occasion as I felt it would be pretty cool to hold some kind of cocktail party and get a range of cocktails as well as spirits. But to give you an idea of what other awesome cocktails you can create from funkin' I thought I would share with you there link to all of their products. If you are interested in purchasing some of the mixers, they are also stocked in Waitrose, Asda and Tesco.

What is your favourite cocktail? 

Pure Beauty Skin Wishlist | Beauty

Some of you may be aware I've recently branched out into skincare a lot more and taking a lot better care of my skin after I keep suffering with bad acne. I took the time to read up on different products which may help improve my skin as well as make me feel better in myself. I decided today I would bring you a wishlist of my top 3 skin care wants from Pure Beauty, if you haven't heard of Pure Beauty you can view their site here and they sell all things Dermologica, from face cleansers to eye treatments. I think people forget how important skin care really is, and I am definitely guilty of this.

Daytime Acne Treatment:
Despite not being a teenager myself, from what the product offers I think it is the perfect product to keep my acne at bay. It is a simple application in the form of a moisturiser and it helps to keep the clean and ready to fight against acne.

Clay Cleanser: 
Since recently visiting The Body Shop and being told about a body clay, I am determined to try one for my face, due to how soft and in good condition it left my body. I think clay is great as it pulls all of the bad stuff out of your skin in the form of a cleanser and then you are able to give your face a deeper clean leaving you feeling a lot fresher and nicer. It's also perfect for removing all of the excess oil from your skin which I definitely need help with.

Exfoliating Body Scrub:
I am all about exfoliating my face, but it's not something I have to admit I have done to my body much, which I should start doing more as it's key to get rid of dead skin and leave your skin in a better condition, it leaves you skin feeling a lot clear and removes all of the nasty things which lay on the surface of your skin.

*This post was in collaboration with Pure Beauty

Superdrug Face Masks | Review

 Until this summer I wasn't really aware of all of the own brand products that Superdrug sell, it was brought to my attention when I took part in the summer swap shop which you can read about here how many amazing own brand products Superdrug have, from shampoo lip balm they have it all. Recently I have started to use face masks again after having a long love hate relationship with them. When visiting my local Superdrug after hearing so many good things about their own branded face masks I decided to take the plunge a purchase a few. When I went to pick some I noticed they had a 3 for 2 offer on, and they are 99p and £2.00 for three face masks is great in my opinion as you can pay a hell of a lot for a decent face mask. I decided today I would review three face masks I purchased and what my thoughts were on them.

Superdrug Face Masks
 I purchased a cooling cucumber clay mask, an exfoliating mask and also a white chocolate one. I decided I would go for the white chocolate one first as I was craving chocolate that day and I thought it might help the cravings by having it on my face (turns out it didn't) but worth a try? The face mask gives off a gorgeous chocolate smell and is filled with cocoa and shea butter as well as almond oil which is the perfect combo for soft skin and I have to agree this worked so perfectly on my skin, leaving me with soft skin for days.

Secondly I tried out the exfoliating mask which is made from cranberry and blueberry extracts for a deep and cleansing mask and then strawberry seeds which give you the ultimate scrub, perfect for a deep clean of those pores and to leave your skin feeling fresh. I enjoyed this mask as it gave me clear skin, and made me feel a lot more confident in my skin too. The final mask which I tried out was the cooling cucumber, this to me sounded the most relaxing, and couldn't resist when it came to popping a couple of pieces of cucumber over my eyes whilst I had a bit a chill out in the bath with this mask. This mask is made of cucumber extracts and also dead sea minerals this is awesome for vibrant and soft skin, which is my aim on a general day to day basis. Out of all three my favourite had have been the chocolate one as it left my skin soft for days!

Another few bonuses a long with the cheap price tag is that the face masks are all vegan and free from any parabens which is always great when you are looking for a face mask. I would happily repurchase any of these masks, as they're all value for money and perfect for an everyday pamper. I would recommend using one of these twice a week as using them everyday probably would make your skin sore and unhappy.

Superdrug Face Masks

American Candy Haul #2

So last month you may have seen that a new sweet shop opened in my town which has inspired me to do monthly American Candy hauls! If you fancy a read of last months, check it out here. This month I purchased some Mint M&Ms (which I totally didn't know were a thing?!) Butterfinger bites, Jolly Rancher chews, Cookie Dough bites and Reese's peanut butter cups. I thought the same as last month I would say a little about each item and rate them for you guys. Let me know what I should buy next month in the comments!

Mint M&Ms
These are beyond amazing, honestly my new favourite thing on the planet and I would happily buy
like 50 packets if I had the money and they wouldn't make me the size of a house. I love anything mint flavoured and I love chocolate so these are the perfect candy for me. I am drawn in by the packaging too as it's a bright green and stands out from the rest.
Rating: 10/10

Jolly Rancher Chews
I have actually tried Jolly Ranchers in a different form when I was in the states and loved them! When I saw they do chews I had to try them. To me they remind me of Fruitella's or chewits, but as these are tropical flavour it's just a tropical flavour instead. Although noone I live with likes the pineapple ones, the others went down pretty well my favourite being any of the pink ones. Although I think I prefer the original ones, as chewy sweets aren't my favourite.
Rating: 7/10

Cookie Dough Bites
Last time I had the red velvet ones, which were beyond gross! This time I decided that I would try the cookie dough ones, I love cookie dough usually so it's a good test for me. When I tried these I just thought they tasted like chocolate, I couldn't taste any cookie dough and was disappointed again. Although they weren't as bad as the red velvet ones, I wouldn't buy them again.
Rating 5/10

Butterfinger Bites
These were one of the things which were recommended to me to try, so I did. I'd like to say I am not a fan at all in fact I hated them, I am not sure exactly what they are supposed to be but they just taste like nuts wrapped in chocolate and I hate nuts so these were not for me. My boyfriend and my house mate actually said they were okay, so none of us loved them.
Rating 2/10

Reece's Peanut Butter Cups
You can actually get these a lot more in the UK than what you could a few years ago, another thing I am not really a fan of but my boyfriend loved them so I think it's just me. To me they have the same consistency as caramel but just taste like peanut butter, which is obviously what they are. I enjoyed the chocolate itself just not the filling.
Rating 4/10

usa candy 2

usa candy  3

Truffle Shuffle Wishlist! | Lifestyle

Hey guys, I hope you're all doing fab! I thought today I would share with you a wishlist from one of my favourite sites, this site is one I lust over all of the time, featuring awesome accessories, cool t-shirts and even homeware. This shop is called Truffle Shuffle and if you haven't heard of it yet, you're seriously missing out. I am addicted to their awesome merch they have from Friends to Miffy, they have so much choice. This wishlist was pretty easy to put together as I want everything, but I went with my six most lusted after items for you lovelies to see, let me know what you think!

Playstation One Notebook:
I don't care what anyone says, this is the coolest notebook I have ever seen!! This takes me back to my childhood and my first games console, I remember spending long hours playing Rugrats and Toy Story and this notebook just makes that real again. I am one of those people who buy tons of notebooks and will never use them as they're too nice and this is another one of them!

Central Perk Mug:
Of course something friends related was going to make it onto this list, I am obsessed with friends and think I always will be, despite seeing a picture of Joey and Chandler now and they look about 80 and that makes me sad. I think this just a mug every friends fan needs in their collection.

Mean Girls Tee:
Officially the best Mean Girls tee I've ever seen, I am addicted to the film and I think it's always going to be cool, I love this tee as it's the best part of the whole thing and I am a huge fan of white t-shirts and this doesn't have too much going on so it's great to capture the essence of the film.

My Little Pony Jumper:
Despite being an 'adult' I would happily wear this jumper, whether it be outside on a chilly day or just inside on a relaxing Sunday I adore this jumper, it's too many levels of cuteness! I love the bright colours and the lovely print on it. I love the fact that the ponies look so adorable and the fact that it is an exclusive to Truffle Shuffle meaning it's less likely to be worn by many others!

Little Miss Giggles Mug:
How adorable is this though? I love the fact it takes me straight back into my childhood with a element of being an adult with a coffee cup. I think it's a great way to drink your favourite drink on the go, and such a fun way to do so. I would also say little miss giggles is the mr men I am most like.

Disney Couture Ring:
I have lusted after Disney Couture since I found it was a thing, after seeing this on the Truffle Shuffle website I fell in love. I've recently become a ring fanatic and I love wearing them and I think it's lovely as it has a really lovely message on 'have faith in your dreams' which is the quote which I want in my next tattoo!

Achieving your dreams | Lifestyle.

On the 26th of August is Womens equality day, a day which women everywhere can celebrate how far we've come as women and also sharing love for being a woman. It's not always been easy being a woman and for some women in the world they still don't have the luxuries of being a woman we do in the UK. Some women in world are not allowed to do anything which men are they are simply forced to stay at home and look after the children which I don't agree with at all! I remember at school learning about the women who died just so women could get the right to vote, it feels strange being a woman who has always had equal rights to being a world where women were treated as less than men! Today I thought I would talk about how if you aim for a goal you can achieve it!

As far as careers go, despite being a university student I am doing some freelance working alongside of this in social media management which has been one of my goals for a while. I love that I am now self employed and it's amazing feeling to know that I work for myself and I earn my own money, a few years ago if you would of told me this I would of never have believed you as I was suffering a huge lack of confidence and never would of thought I could of taken this giant leap. It's so important to trust yourself and take that huge leap when rebuilding confidence in yourself. I am one of those people who always used to doubt myself and never believed I could do something but when you set your mind to something and believe, you actually can conquer your dreams. Achieving your dreams is a lot easier when you break it down into smaller steps, which is what I did.

First off you need to work out exactly what you want to do achieve for me it was to be self employed, to make this easier for yourself I would get a piece of paper and mind map- starting with your one key goal and drawing branches from there showing what you need to do to achieve that. Following this I would write down a list in order for you to be able to achieve this, a couple of suggestions of mine would be to have savings first, and also read up about what it takes to be self employed. Then it's about taking each of those steps until you finally are ready to take that leap! It will seem scary of course, but in life it's about taking those chances and following your dreams. You can do this, I believe in you! I am happy I am finally able to be confident enough to follow my dreams and you should do the same, be confident, you've got this.

*In collaboration with TheCircle

Clearing Queries | Lifestyle

It's a stressful time this week for those expecting A level grades as they are what is between you and getting into your dream university, for me the worst part is definitely building up to the big day and contemplating how you did in exams which you took months ago but they can cause a huge impact. Although I was lucky and didn't go through clearing I know of a few people who did, if you are unaware of what clearing is, it's about finding a similar course or the same course but a different university to your chosen one enabling to you still be able to study and although it's disappointing to have to do this its an great way to be able to study what you want to study. Clearing itself can be a stressful thing to have to go through and involve you spending a lot of time on the phone trying to find a place on a course as many courses can be filled up quickly and you need to find one who will accept the points/grades you do have. I thought I would share with you a few tips to dealing with clearing and how to stay calm during the process.

Tip One:
Write a list of things you wanted from the university itself beforehand, e.g. location, the things that the course offers and then when taking another offer from university it gives you the chance to find out what that university offers so you aren't too disappointed when you arrive at your university.

Tip Two:
Stay postive, it's super important to remember you've still done well enough to get into university, and although it may not have been your first or second choice, there are still options. Which means there are still paths you can take to achieve your dreams.

Tip Three:
See what is out there, talk to people like universities, colleges and careers advisers as they may be able to help you find a new course or help you by finding another alternative to what you want to do, remember university isn't the only option.

For those of you who are coming to the end of your courses, I think this video will be super helpful for ways to better yourself and learn about life outside of university.

*This post is in collaboration with The University Of Greenwich*

Krispy Kreme Summer Hamper!

*Warning* this post includes a lot of pictures of yummy doughnuts and if you're hungry I would look away! So today I am here with my long-time dream collaboration with the one and only Krispy Kreme, if you don't know about my love for doughnuts where have you been? I mean the blog is named after my love for them. For summer Krispy Kreme have released a cute little hamper full of goodies including a picnic matt and TWO boxes of doughnuts. In my opinion that is like a dream come true, I thought I would share with you some amazing ideas of what you can do with your hamper (some of them do include sharing the doughnuts- which I found totally hard to do). 

The Hamper itself costs £24.95 which includes two boxes of assorted doughnuts, two pairs of sunglasses, a Frisbee and a matt which is super cute! My first idea would be to take your friends out for a picnic as well as doughnuts, stock up on the mini picnic food such as sausage rolls and sandwiches, it's a fun and cheap day out! Secondly would be a doughnut party, for my blogs second birthday which is coming up really soon I had the idea to have a doughnut party but where I live is far from a lot of other bloggers so it probably wouldn't of worked unless I organized it as an event which I didn't have time to *sobs* but I think it make a totally awesome idea. My final idea is go down to the beach and use the box to lots of food and other things such as water and sun cream!

Being a huge lover of doughnuts, when picking out which ones I would include in my hamper I decided to go for some of the limited edition ones including reeses and the cheesecake doughnuts which are both outta this world! I adore all Krispy Kremes but my favourites are the strawberry gloss ones. If you have followed my blog for some time you will know I actually named my advertising packages after Krispy Kreme packages a few months back! 

Krispy Kreme Hamper and Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Boxes

Krispy Kreme Hamper Contents

Krispy Kreme Close Up

What is your favourite Krispy Kreme? 

Coloristiq Review.

Lately I am all about the nails, I am forever painting my nails a new colour or even two if I am feeling spontaneous, and with it being summer I am loving all of the bright colours around! I was recently offered the chance to try a nail varnish box from Coloristiq a box which has almost £50 worth of products.

This is where Coloristiq differs to other brands, you get to trial high end nail varnishes for a month and then send back saving you purchasing a polish using it a few times then it going off which I think is an amazing idea! For £14.49 a month you get to trial three high quality nail varnishes such as Essie, Opi and China Glaze once you're done you send them back! Although this concept is new and awesome I can see why people would have reservations against this as some people just prefer to purchase things which are brand new and then keep them, but as far as this goes I think it's amazing in my opinion it is literally the same as renting a film, expect nail varnish! 

In my box I received the following polishes 2 from Essie, 2 from Nails Inc, 1 from Sally Hansen and finally 1 from OPI! Although all of the colours aren't my taste I think it gives you an amazing variation of colours to use and also it comes with a leaflet of which you can create looks from. On their site they do have some boxes which are able to purchase like this one which you can currently get your hands on! I have fallen in love with Essie polishes and would happily purchase some other colours, I am a bit gutted that there isn't anything from China Glaze in the box as I would love to try them out. but overall a really cool concept and some amazing brands!   

Would you 'rent' nail polish? 

Should more sex education be taught at school? | Lifestyle.

Sex Educution

Those of you who are reading this probably know what triggered this post if you live in the UK and on Thursday night you watched "Sex In Class" a documentary produced by Channel 4. I love Channel 4 documentaries as they are open and cover so many topics and I love to find out new information about things I hadn't previously heard about. Basically the documentary is about a a Belgian sexologist come into one British high school and each sex ed in a more open and unique way. Now when I was at school we had one lesson on how to put a condom on a male with the whole year group and then another about the other forms of contraception, both which felt uneasy as they were with the whole class and nobody would take it seriously plus this was taught in year 9 when everyone already knew most of the stuff the teacher had to say, whilst watching the channel 4 documentary, I felt that it opened up some subjects which aren't covered in sex ed and really should be. The guys within the class really didn't have much respect for the girls which was not great to watch, and the whole time I spent the entire time yelling at the TV, you are vile!

Although they are indeed teenage boys, if they are infact having sex and inflicting things they have seen on porn on young girls it can have bad consequences. The chances are the boys were just playing up to the camera, but the lack of knowledge in the class and probably most other classrooms in Britain was shocking. In my opinion the reason behind this is the fact that teens learn most of their sex ed from the internet or their friends, and the part of the internet which they learn their info from is in fact porn, which most don't realize it's all acted and in fact most women are not like that in the bedroom. I think in depth sex education should be taught at school, most teenagers will be embarssed and I know I would of been, but in the long run I think it will help broaden their horizions and also teach younger males about what is not okay, in porn noone asks for consent, you don't see the male, turn to the female and say is it okay if I do this now, it's just done and that gives younger views a wrong view of what is okay. Women aren't objects and it should be taught in the classroom how important consent really is, and not just the dangers of teen pregnancy, which I think is the only thing which is covered about sex. How about the fact that teens need to know the outcomes of their actions, the truth about real sex as well as remembering to use protection, and learning what forms of contraception there are.

Being a teenager who had a massive lack of sex eduction, I think it's time to change. I am aware that some people will never okay with their child learning about this within school, but why not? It's what happens in life and it needs to be talked about and with no disrespect to other subjects, why is this not taught instead of less important ones? E.g. Art, Citizenship? I think teens are taught a very outdated version of sex ed and they need updating and taught the realness of it.

What are your views on this subject? 

Gosh | The best of the drugstore eye shadows?

GOSH eyeshadow

This month I have officially brought some summer shades into my make-up look, I love wearing brown and grey eyeshadow all year round but I thought it was finally time to mix it, I decided to include these gorgeous pinks and silvers into my everyday looks. I started with the base of a white shade to line the base, so when I added the pink it was extra bright and finally finish off the look with some gorgeous glitter. I am really into brights at the moment and although I am currently looking investing in an Urban Decay palette, I have decided to trail out some brights from the drugstore first. Gosh isn't a brand a lot of people consider as a go to brand despite it being in Superdrug and I think it gets left behind at times which is silly because I love them as a brand and think they have amazing quality products, such as nail varnish, eyeshadows and lipsticks.

 My favourite currently being these gorgeous shades from the SS15 range, whilst it's summer I plan to make the most of these bright shades along with others. I find these eyeshadows work amazing when used wet or dry and tend to enjoy using them with the three shades in the palette to make an amazing pink look, and then finishing with some black liner, although I am considering trying out some brighter eyeliners for a bit of fun, as I am bored of just your average black and brown ones. I find these shadows long lasting, and give off the same lovely look as when applied. The only down fall with these are the fact that they are powder, I find that when they are in my bag, can often get broken up into bits so it's messier when it comes to the next use, but other than that I would totally re- buy these again.

Makeup Revolution| Redemption Acid Brights Palette.

I have fallen in love with Make Up Revolution ever since they came around a little over a year ago, their cheap prices with their high quality products drew a lot of people in and I am glad to say it worked on me. Lipsticks for a £1, Makeup Palettes for less than £8 and lots of other amazing quality products. Due to it being summer, and me falling in love with the idea of bright eyeshadow looks I decided to invest in this brights palettes after all of the ones I've owned previously being such good quality! I thought swatching the colours would give you an idea of how bright they are too! 

Bright palette from makeup revoultion

Bright palette

This palette has a range of matte and shimmery shades, I love that bright colours come off as bright as they look giving you the chance to create some great summery looks. I love the pinks in the palette as well as the purple. I am not sure I would branch out to the green or orange but you never know! I didn't swatch the white due to it being too light to appear on my hand but it will make a great base or I think it would work well if wet. I think you can make some adorable summer looks with this and it's also festival perfect as you can double it up and use it as war paint on your face or do an over the top crazily awesome eye look! This palette costs £4.00 which is amazing value for the amount of shades you get in the palette and I would recommend this or any of their palettes to anyone looking to branch out or build up their makeup collection on a budget. You can purchase the palette here.

Makeup revolution brights palette

Self Confidence, What is it all about?

The amount I've times I have looked into a mirror and want to be sick, is more times than I can possibly tell you, the amount of times I gone for a job and hated on myself so much that I have psyched myself out before I've even made it through the door, the amount of times I've avoided events and nights out because I am scared of the judging looks that I will get from other people. Until one day I realized it's not actually other people who hate me, or the way I am or look, it's myself and being this way was ruining the way I felt about everything, I was avoiding going out all together at one point, I would stay in PJs, sit on twitter where people could only see the image of which I would put out there and hide in bed. It was only until one day I realized that the only person who is feeling the effect of this is actually myself, to everyone else it just looks like I am avoiding people which was totally not the case, I was just too busy self loathing to love myself and others. Or as Ru Paul says "if you don't love yourself, how the hell do you expect anyone else to" which is actually something that has stuck with me, how can I expect people to think I am awesome if I don't even think it myself. How can I go through those doors and nail that interview if I can't even convince myself I can do it, let alone others?

 Now don't get me wrong, I didn't wake up the next day and go I love myself, love my body, mind and my life turned out perfect, the end. Of course not, I am still working towards to it now in fact, I have my down days, but who doesn't? But instead of looking in the mirror and thinking "Ew" I actually think of one, if not more positive things about myself then there and it could be as little as my hair looks nice or I have no acne on that day or even better I could feel confident in my mind! But honestly, it turns out loving yourself is actually easier than hating yourself, bet you didn't think that did you, it's just about trying and aiming to be who you want to be instead of doubting everything you can do, think about the fact you can actually do it and you will succeed!

Little Ondine Nails | Review

Hi all, I thought today I would give you a bit of a review of a product and a brand, I only recently came across called Little Ondine, and they are a company who makes nail varnish with a twist. There is a few twists with their nail varnish, but the biggest is that their varnish is actually peelable which is amazing as you can take it off yourself without remover! A few other claims of the polish is that it is odour free and dries quickly. So is this nail varnish too good to be true? 

Little Ondine

Little Ondine colours

The first thing I noticed about the polishes is the fact that their box is made out of cardboard which I think is super savvy and also easy to recycle, I love the way it comes apart and on the inside it gives you tips how to apply and also what the polish does which I found super cool! Secondly I noticed the amazingly bright colours of the nail varnish! Often when ordering online when I receive an item the colour looks nothing like what it does but these definitely do! I love the branding of this product too, it's very simple but gives it a classy feel. Next are the claims, the first one being odour free which when I went to smell it there is actually no scent which is crazy as that's one of the main things some people dislike about nail varnish.

 The better it is after the more coats, which is like most polishes really, it becomes brighter and gives a better coverage if applied on top which I did 3 times to make sure I got a nice coverage. The claim which I found the most unbelievable is the peel off factor, when it came to taking it off I couldn't believe how easily it came off, I just picked at it and it came off! This can also be a downside as some people can do things which involve them chipping their nails and this would result in it coming off, so for long lasting nail varnish I wouldn't pick this, but it's perfect if you just want your nails painted for one night or you are able to look after your nails a lot better than me!  Overall I was happy with this product and for £7.20 I would purchase it as a bit of a treat, as the colours are AMAZING.

Little Ondine colours

* I was sent these polishes to review, opinion 100% honest.