What does it mean to be an Organ Donor?

A few weeks back I signed up to be an Organ Donor and it was a lot more simpler than I ever thought, it was literally as simple as going onto a web page and entering my details and it was done, just like that I am now signed up for when I die (sounds so premature) my organs will be donated to someone in need of them. First off I am aware I am only 20 years old so doing something this big about the end of my life does make me feel a tiny bit weird, but you never know what is round the corner so why not now?

Why wouldn't you be organ donor? Some people just don't like the idea of talking about death whereas others just don't bother signing up to be a Donor, which to me is sad due to the fact that you could help another survive, imagine if it someone in your family. Did you know one donor can save EIGHT lives, imagine saying eight lives though? I haven't wrote this post to rant, I promise. I have just wrote it to remind you of that option to donate, and simply how easy it is to do so. All that signing up to be an Organ Donor agrees is that when you pass you give consent for your Organs to be donated which some families may not like or agree to, but as it is your body you have given the consent. Whilst writing this post I read some statistics and found that only 1/3 of people are actually donors which to me is a shocking number, as most of the population if it was needed for them or a family member would take it! When on the NHS site I read, if you needed an organ transplant and would take one if it was offered you should donate and too right you should!

In my honest opinion I feel like if you wouldn't give one why do you deserve to get one? I have spoke to people about why they aren't a donor and their response was I am too young to think about this, I can do it another time, but why another time? Why not do it now! I am honestly proud to say I am a donor and I am proud of anyone else who is a donor, if you are wanting to be a donor but don't know how it is as simple as going onto google and typing in "how to be an organ donor" or follow the link here Go on change a life today, you can do it!
Olivia Thristan


  1. I've signed up to this too. Although, don't your family still have to give their consent even if you're a registered organ donor? I think signing up to the programme should automatically override that.

    Laura - www.lojovstheworld.co.uk

  2. I did this well over a year ago and I was amazed it was so easy! When I hear people say I'm too young to do it, it amazes me because as morbid as it sounds you don't know when your time is up. It's such a lovely cause and not only are you helping family and relieving them of the decision of whether to donate your organs as you've already decided yourself, but more importantly you're going to be saving someone's life. Well done Olivia!

  3. I signed up years ago and when I pass on and if anything I have is of use to anyone else and will save their life, I think it is the least I can do x

  4. I never saw this on my timeline so glad I found it this morning, SO glad you signed up babe your a hero! My friend died before getting a transplant 4 years ago and it's one of the most horrific things I've ever had to deal with because there's not enough names on the register. I've also seen how organ donation can benefit with a local girl having the transplant my friend did and doing so well with her life now.

    We're so lucky and you've spread the word and signed the register so thankyou!