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Life Skills I wish I knew

Am I the only one who even after moving out barely knew how to do any of the key things which most people should be able to do? Apparently not 1 in 4 Brits don't even know how to change a light bulb, I'll have to admit that isn't something that I've come across needing to do yet. I am sure I could change a light bulb if I could find which one to put in? When moving out there were a few things I could do like washing and cleaning the bathroom as I did them when I still lived at home oh and hoovering as that was always my favourite job. When it came down to cooking I wasn't so skilled, still am not- which can be a problem. I can cook pasta and eggs, I am slowly learning to cook more meals, have recently made my housemates a roast dinner (get me huh?) but as far as cooking anything complex goes it's not going to happen for some time.

When moving out, my main problem was trying not to overload plug sockets, I have so many things which need plugging in being the complete technology obsessed person that I am. There has been many occasions where I have nearly blown up sockets by overloading them. Luckily for us, my boyfriends dad is an electrician so we can always ask him for advice! From a survey taken by Lightbulbs Direct 39% of people wish they had learnt car maintenance at school although I don't have this problem yet, I know nothing about cars so I can see how knowing general stuff would be useful. I think the most common problem with people who are moving out whether it be to university or with their partners is the fact that they don't have that many skills which you need when moving out. At school they teach you science, history and art but where are the life skills? I would much rather of been taught general things about how to live, and how to manage money. For me that would of helped me a lot when I came to the stage of needing to know that information. Hopefully in the future people will be taught in school the general basics of adult life, but for the near future that's probably doubtful.

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Olivia Thristan

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