Top tips for finding student housing!

As it's getting closer to the point of the start of a new university year, I thought it would be awesome to share some tips on looking for your perfect student property, as some of you who have been previous university students may know, sometimes finding a property which is actually okay to live in can be a bit of a pain in the butt, but don't give up! Today I have a guest post sharing the top tips when looking for a student place to live! 

Top tips for choosing the perfect student property
Whether you’re a first-time fresher or a third year veteran, sooner or later you’ll have to tackle the difficult subject of picking the perfect student flat. Unfortunately, this can be a tough task due to the over saturation of rubbish studios and dingy house-shares that litter student listings.
The ideal pad depends on your means and your social situation. Do you like your space? Avoid house-shares and communal living. Do you love socialising? Dive into halls and big shared accommodation. Follow the tips below when you’re looking around to ensure you live somewhere you love.

Make the choice – Agency or private
You can either opt for a letting agency or a private landlord. Agencies carry letting fees and other costs, but ensure your rent is protected and your property is maintained. Private landlords won’t charge an admin fee, but you’ll have less security.

Ensure you've got the funds
It can be tempting to dive on the nicest property you view, but you need to work out exactly how much you've got in your budget. Otherwise you’ll end up living on noodles and tap-water in your shiny new flat.
Calculate the deposit, first month’s rent and any admin fees to get a picture of the initial cost. If sharing, you all need to be comfortable with the amounts you’re paying and everyone should agree to avoid any arguments/fallout. Ensure you all have each other’s details and home addresses in case one of you drops out – that way you can contact their parents to pay rent.

Pick your location
Most student properties are located in different areas across a city. Do your research and pick an area that suits you (or your groups) interests. If you’re a party animal you’ll want a flat near the nightlife. If you’re a homebody, a quiet suburb with good transport links. Don’t opt for a property that makes travelling to campus a hassle or you’ll end up resenting it.

Pre-move in checks: comb over the flat for any problems
When you’re off to view your flat, don’t let excitement muddy your evaluation. You need to have a keen eye and look out for the following – don’t be afraid to mention these or you’ll end up being charged on the deposit.

·       Mould/Rising Damp: Two of the biggest problems in old properties, mould and damp can really damage a property as well as affect your health. Look for wet-looking wallpaper, dark blotches on walls and mouldy surfaces hidden behind cupboards etc.

·       Pests/insects: look out for droppings and any dead insects as these could be a sign of infestation hidden by the landlord.

·       Check that all of the electrics and taps are working.

·       Double check all furniture and fittings. If anything is broken or in bad condition, take photos and note it down. Alert the landlord and demand it’s fixed or replaced. You don’t want them to mess you around.

·       As a final step, check all of the security on the property. Check the locks and any other measures and consider whether you’d feel safe living there – especially important if you’re living alone.

Grill the landlord
Before you sign anything, ask all of the questions on your mind. Don’t worry if they sound rude or you’re unsure about anything – ask! A housing contact is a considerable investment and you need to be 100% comfortable before you move in.

Moving in

There are few experiences you’ll treasure as much as living away for university. It can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating, emotional experiences of your life. Take the right precautions before you move in and you’ll reap the rewards. All that’s left to consider if who gets the biggest bedroom and for the love of god who keeps leaving the dirty dishes in the sink!? 

*This is a guest post, featuring sponsored content
Olivia Thristan


  1. Great tips, I've bookmarked this for my son who is going to Uni next year :)

  2. I wish I had a post like this to read when I was going to uni. Great tips.