Summertime Scrapbook!

Do you ever have those days when you just wish they could last forever? Like that amazing holiday which you are on and you just wish you could sit with your friends around the pool for so much longer, or the times when you go see your friends you haven't seen for a while and won't see again for a while or even those times when you are out drinking and get an amazing cocktail and want to capture its amazing-ness? Yeah me too.

Well today I have a post for you which is perfect for summer and gives you something to do all summer long (for those university students who have a LONG summer) or even those of you who have kiddies, it's a perfect way to capture memories the old fashioned way, and turn the memories into a little keepsake! By making a gorgeous memory / scrap book, and today I am going to share with you my top tips for making an amazing memory book.

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Top tips for making a scrapbook: 

Take a camera everywhere with you, to the park, to the shops, out for meals, out with friends, on holiday there are memories to be capture everywhere! If you don't have a camera you can get some amazing ones which are compact and easy to carry around such as the Lumix Compact Cameras. Also when out find different items you can also put in your scrapbook such as napkins, bottle tops, receipts and tickets all to make it that bit more memorable! 

Once you have collected a large amount of items and pictures (which you need to get printed off) then on to starting your scrapbook itself, I would recommend Paperchase for their notebooks as they are the perfect size and so pretty! For a scrapbook starter kit I would recommend, glue, some tape can be coloured or normal, marker pens (the brighter the better) & finally a biro pen. 

When filling the pages I would take the time to arrange the photographs and create a background before sticking them down, finding out what is going where although it takes a long time just to create one page, once it's perfect it'll look 10 times better. What I usually do when making a scrapbook is go with a different theme for each page, e.g. a festival styled page and stick my tickets and wrappers around the photos at the festivals and it gives you that bit more a memory when thinking about it in your head. 

Finally, keep building on it over the years, honestly when you look back on it in years to come you will love it as it will be full of colour, fun and memories and it will remind you of all of the good times when you need a happiness boost! 

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  1. I love the idea of a scrapbook. I've wanted to create one for a while now but it's the fact that there would be loads of photos that I have to print out and then the cost of buying a book to put it all together.

  2. This was so helpful thanks for the sending the link! X
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