Summer Shoe Dreams!

It's summer at long last, and this week has been SO hot hasn't it? Which meant it was finally time for me to whip out my summer shoes, although I own a good few pairs of sandals there are still so many shoes that I wish I could get my hands on this summer, so I decided I would share them with you! With the help of Fashion Beans and their amazing discounts it's made me being able to purchase them easier! I have a crazy amount of different styles of shoes that I love, and some of them I am lusting over but it would be pointless me buying them as I could never wear them as they're too high! I am addicted to the jelly shoes every summer, despite my boyfriend's huge hatred of them I think they're adorable and so bright and fun! I also added some shoes which would be perfect for after the sun and heading out to the pub or a restaurant, and with me you need all the height you can get so heels are the only way around this. The shoes are from New Look, River Island and Kurt Geiger, so a bit of a range in prices but they're all amazing for summer and one day I will get a pair of KG's, it has to happen right? I hope you enjoy my wishlist and find some summer shoes for your wardrobe! 

Summer Shoe Wishlist

* In collaboration with Fashion Beans
Olivia Thristan

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  1. I really do like the orange wedges. Must go hunt them down.