Living like a student! Pizza Review.

Chicago town pizza

If you haven't already guessed it yet, today's post is a review of some amazing products that I recently was introduced to. If you follow my blog or know me on a personal level, you'll probably know my favourite food in the entire world is PIZZA and recently I have been on such a Domino's binge, which is leaving me low on funds which is never good, I tried getting the pizzas from the supermarket but they are just not the same, which is annoying because they look so good before they're cooked but then leaving me feeling unsatisfied. *Plays some revelation music* that is when I was introduced to this microwaveable bad boys (yes I actually just said that) they are from Chicago Town and they taste amazing, being microwave pizzas I did expect them to taste a bit like cardboard, but they actually didn't, and the best part is they're cheap, quicker than a takeaway and don't leave the smell that I can often find takeaway does!

 As you can see from my pictures, they are cheesy melt in your mouth goodness, and for the size are actually really filling. You can also get them in different forms, such as a large pizza and a pizza sub, which is perfect for a quick lunch! Although mine are cheese and tomato as I am a vegetarian you can get meat variations of these and I can now see why my boyfriends house mates lived on these all year! Only one thing I would say, they're not as deep as I thought they would be from the packaging, as it's a bit misleading as I expected them to be a lot thicker.

* This post contains samples kindly gifted from Chicago Town

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  1. Love those pizzas!! Yum this is a great pist hun!