It's an American Candy Haul!

When in town recently I noticed a new shop had opened (being in a small town, when a shop opens it is obvious!) and this shop was an American 'Candy' shop with elements of some British sweets including ones which are harder to get nowadays! Of course being me, I decided to go into the shop and purchase the goodies which I've either tried before and loved or heard of but not yet had the chance to try! It took all I had not to eat any of them on way home, including the twinkie I've been wanting to try for like 10 months. I decided whilst the shop is open I will be doing monthly hauls and ratings of the sweets, so do feel free to let me know of any I should purchase in the future! 

American Candy 1

 So what did I purchase I hear you ask? 

Red Velvet Cupcake Bites:
These sound amazing, I honestly expected amazing things from these as I had to pay a lot due to the importation of them. I tried them and was let down, although they have some cake flavour, they tasted a bit strange and not very much of red velvet. The packaging makes these seem way better than they are, although they are an awesome colour! Rating 3/10. 
Ice Breakers:
I have tried these in a different flavour previously, but wasn't fussed about them. But I am instantly drawn to pink items, and I am glad I purchased these as they're so amazing and sweet. I love the fact that they have the sour kick with them as well as it gives it a bit of an added flavour, I would definitely purchase these again. Rating 7/10 
Darkside Skittles: 
I have tried these, and these were my aim when going into the shop, I adore these and wish they stocked them easier in the UK, I know there are so many different flavours so I plan to try a different coloured bag next time and see if they taste as good as these bad boys! Rating 9/10
Air Heads:
I had never heard of these previous to going in the shop, but they looked cool and were only 69p so I decided I would give them a go, I actually thought it was really nice and reminds me of a wham bar without the sour-ness, I loved the blue raspberry one as it's one of my favourite flavours, although I probably shouldn't of bought it on the hottest day of the year as it melted a little! I would happily repurchase these again! Rating 7/10 

For those of you who have seen Zombie land probably know why I had to try one of these, despite going the states last summer I am yet to try any of these (crazy right?!) I only purchased one as they were £1 a cake *sobs* and I literally was in heaven, they taste so sweet and tasty and are a bit like a sponge cake with a lot of cream in, the cream reminds me of a French fancy. I love this and am going to be taking trips down the future to purchase more of these bad boys! Rating 10/10 

Candy 2

Red Velvet Cupcakes Bites

Darkside Skittles

What would you like to see me purchase from the shop next? 
Olivia Thristan


  1. Oooh! I so love me some Twinkies, but not as much as I like Butterfingers. Have you tried those?

  2. I don't think I will leave that shop if I walk into it. Heaven.

  3. They didnt have anything with peanut butter in it?! Totally un-American. Also ive never seen those cupcake bites. But I loved airheads as a kid. Bkue raspberry is always a fav. Haha

    xo Jenn

  4. How much were the twinkies in there? I went in to Mr Simms and they were 50p and I got a lucky charms cereal bar and a couple of other things. American candy is so artificial yet so good. Need to pop in next time I'm in town

  5. I love American treats x I really like Reeses and Snyders pretzel pieces :)

    Katie | Cayenne Lifestyle