How to tackle Pinterest!

How to tackle pinterest

A request post after reaching 1000 Pinterest followers last night, I have seen a lot of people say they can't get into Pinterest but to be honest in my opinion it is close following twitter and I spend a lot of time on it and I actually enjoy it and find it the easiest of the social media channels to use. I thought I would share my top tips for building a following on Pinterest which may also lead to an increase in your blog following and views. It has taken me a little over a month to get my 1000 followers, from the 70 which I already had.

Pinterest Boards

Tip One:
Pin a lot and regularly, it sounds silly but just pinning around 20-30 pins a day, will boost your following a hell of a lot. If you just pin in bursts and leave it for weeks, it's less likely to do the trick.

Tip Two: 
Organize your boards, trust me this does such a great thing to your Pinterest making it eye catching when someone clicks on your profile, I always aim to have my most pinned boards at the top such as Cake, Macaroons, Lipsticks and Beauty. These are always pinned from and followed.

Tip Three: 
Have an eye catching cover photo, for each of my boards I make sure I change the picture on the album weekly, to keep it looking fresh and interesting. If the board doesn't have an interesting cover it could potentially stop others clicking and seeing the amazing pins inside.

Tip Four:
Pin all of your blog photos to your pinterest, this one is mainly if you are aiming for blog traffic if you pin them straight from your blog (which you can do via a widget) this will make it linked back to your blog, that way you are sharing your pretty photos for everyone to see!

Tip Five:
Keep it interesting and relevant, if you see your followers are constantly pinning certain things, pin more of them and it will keep them sharing and coming back. Secondly aim for relevant things- if you know it is a particular season soon, make a board just for it and it will get people interested in your pictures for that. Halloween is gonna be amazing!

I hope these tips helped, let me know if you enjoyed this post! 

Olivia Thristan


  1. Some good tips there! I am obsessed with Pinterest and spend a good hour a day pinning and re-pinning x

  2. Thank you for sharing all your fab tips :)

    Pink Frenzy

  3. Pinterest is honestly the one social media platform I don't really get but I'm trying to get into it more. I'm guilty of pinning a few things and then leaving it for weeks so I'm definitely going to make an effort to pin more regularly.

    Raise The Waves