Do homeless people deserve it?

I'll start this post with answering the question in the title, with no, and now go onto to talk about my reasoning behind this post. In my opinion no one deserves to be homeless, I get told by nearly all of my friends, family and my boyfriend that the reason they are on the street is due to things which are their own fault, such as drugs, alcohol and crime and to a certain extent they are right. Why do so many of us have homes, and manage to stay in them and why can't they do the same? But not every single homeless person deserves the luck they have been given it and it's crap that people tarnish them all with the same brush, I do believe that sometimes it is just down to misfortune again call me naive or whatever, but I believe this is true.

Even when it is down to things such as drugs and alcohol do they really deserve to have to live on the street with nothing to their name, not even a bed to lay their head? I don't think they do. I have recently visited some cities and the number of homeless people effected me in a huge way, resulting with me in tears which some would say it's just a thing that happens, people are homeless and I should just accept that, but the whole time it left me wanting to give them money, and even more so food and a warm drink. When it comes to giving to the homeless I do believe giving them food is the best idea, as if they don't seem grateful you can see their true colours but more often than not, they are so thankful and happy for the food. Seeing someone holding a sign or crouched over on the street with a hat in front of them does tug on my heart strings, but once again has led to me being told that is the point, the same with when they have dogs, but something inside of me doesn't seen it as so black and white.

One day I hope to earn enough money to be able to donate to as many people as I can, and even if does make me stupid and naive for believing that they need help then so be it. I am not happy that society just abandons homeless people in their time of need and I won't be doing the same, they are people who are alone and need help, you don't know their story so why judge?
Olivia Thristan


  1. If I'm out for dinner and I don't manage to eat it I always get it wrapped up and give it to someone on the street.


  2. I agree with you 100% here girl! I hate when people say that being homeless is the homeless persons fault, yes sometimes it is, but I think the majority of the time it's not and I don't think anyone deserves to live on the street it the cold, it's not humane! This is such a good post, very thought provoking! ;)

    Heather Xx

  3. I dont think homeless people deserve it everyone deserves a warm place to stay.


  4. I find people's attitudes towards homeless people generally awful - I doubt that most people who demonise them have actually taken the time to sit down with someone down on their luck and talk about their situation.
    I've found that, often as much as any change one can spare, homeless people just want their existence acknowledged - being homeless and ignored by thousands of people who pass them is entirely dehumanising for them. They're made to feel worthless. Simply talking to them can be a huge thing.
    I'm lucky to count a couple of homeless people as friends - they've taught me much more about what it is to be a good person than any of the callous people who judge them without knowing their story.