20 things to do this summer!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It's summer time!

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It's SUMMMMERRR and has been for a while now in fact. I decided July seemed like the best time to share this post with you lovely lot, and it is a list of 20 ideas/things for you to do this summer. I thought it was a good idea for anyone who is stuck for ideas of things to do, I just wanted to state some of these things I want to do myself, but if I actually do them I'll be shocked!

1. Go to somewhere new in the UK! 
2. Donate Blood, find out how here
3. Meet up with fellow bloggers
4. Learn a new instrument
5. Visit family
6. Get that piercing you've always wanted
7. Learn how to do a new sport
8. Go camping
9. Start a youtube channel
10. Learn about a new subject which you are passionate about
11. Learn a new language 
12. Do some volunteering
13. Visit the zoo
14. Start scrapbooking
15. Go for a picnic
16. Go to the beach
17. Have a huge sort out
18. Explore your local area
19. Meet up with old friends
20. Read lots of new books 

What's on your list of things to do this summer? 

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  1. Such a good list, I really want to do most of these :)

    Amani x


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