5 apps every university student needs!

Apps every university student needs

Being a student I decided today I would share with you my top 5 apps that every student on this planet needs, without them I think my life would fall apart... okay a little dramatic BUT you know what I mean, these apps make student life a whole lot easier especially those of you who live with your friends, like me!

UNiDAYS: Otherwise known as discount galore, this is one of my favourite perks of being a university student is getting up to 20% discount on many stores online and in the shop, including Apple, New Look and Topshop! The app basically gives you a unique code which you enter at the end of your shop and gives you the discount!

Split the bills: This app is so crucial if you live in a house with other people, especially when it comes to how to split the bills equally and not having to chase everyone, via this app it is simple pay one payment to the app and all of the bills get paid on time and no one owes anyone any money!

Course Notes: I adore this app, it's amazing for being in lectures although some people if using it on their phone do get accused of being on their phone when they're actually taking notes or getting audio notes. The good thing about this app is if you have a Mac book it can sync between the two and you have all of your notes on the computer waiting.

Just Eat: Takeaway is the best when you're a student and despite having no money, you can always find money for a cheeky pizza or Chinese... every now and again, Just Eat is the best way to do this without having to search for local takeaways in your area, and it is as easy as a click of a button (sort of)

On Trees: The simple way to manage your money easily, if you connect all of your cards to the app, or even if you just have the one it separates the purchases into a colourful graph, telling you what you are spending the most of your money on based on your must up to date purchases, this is helpful as it teachers you what you need to cut down on where money is concerned!

Living like a student! Pizza Review.

Chicago town pizza

If you haven't already guessed it yet, today's post is a review of some amazing products that I recently was introduced to. If you follow my blog or know me on a personal level, you'll probably know my favourite food in the entire world is PIZZA and recently I have been on such a Domino's binge, which is leaving me low on funds which is never good, I tried getting the pizzas from the supermarket but they are just not the same, which is annoying because they look so good before they're cooked but then leaving me feeling unsatisfied. *Plays some revelation music* that is when I was introduced to this microwaveable bad boys (yes I actually just said that) they are from Chicago Town and they taste amazing, being microwave pizzas I did expect them to taste a bit like cardboard, but they actually didn't, and the best part is they're cheap, quicker than a takeaway and don't leave the smell that I can often find takeaway does!

 As you can see from my pictures, they are cheesy melt in your mouth goodness, and for the size are actually really filling. You can also get them in different forms, such as a large pizza and a pizza sub, which is perfect for a quick lunch! Although mine are cheese and tomato as I am a vegetarian you can get meat variations of these and I can now see why my boyfriends house mates lived on these all year! Only one thing I would say, they're not as deep as I thought they would be from the packaging, as it's a bit misleading as I expected them to be a lot thicker.

* This post contains samples kindly gifted from Chicago Town

20 things to do this summer!

It's summer time!

Image Source

It's SUMMMMERRR and has been for a while now in fact. I decided July seemed like the best time to share this post with you lovely lot, and it is a list of 20 ideas/things for you to do this summer. I thought it was a good idea for anyone who is stuck for ideas of things to do, I just wanted to state some of these things I want to do myself, but if I actually do them I'll be shocked!

1. Go to somewhere new in the UK! 
2. Donate Blood, find out how here
3. Meet up with fellow bloggers
4. Learn a new instrument
5. Visit family
6. Get that piercing you've always wanted
7. Learn how to do a new sport
8. Go camping
9. Start a youtube channel
10. Learn about a new subject which you are passionate about
11. Learn a new language 
12. Do some volunteering
13. Visit the zoo
14. Start scrapbooking
15. Go for a picnic
16. Go to the beach
17. Have a huge sort out
18. Explore your local area
19. Meet up with old friends
20. Read lots of new books 

What's on your list of things to do this summer? 

It's an American Candy Haul!

When in town recently I noticed a new shop had opened (being in a small town, when a shop opens it is obvious!) and this shop was an American 'Candy' shop with elements of some British sweets including ones which are harder to get nowadays! Of course being me, I decided to go into the shop and purchase the goodies which I've either tried before and loved or heard of but not yet had the chance to try! It took all I had not to eat any of them on way home, including the twinkie I've been wanting to try for like 10 months. I decided whilst the shop is open I will be doing monthly hauls and ratings of the sweets, so do feel free to let me know of any I should purchase in the future! 

American Candy 1

 So what did I purchase I hear you ask? 

Red Velvet Cupcake Bites:
These sound amazing, I honestly expected amazing things from these as I had to pay a lot due to the importation of them. I tried them and was let down, although they have some cake flavour, they tasted a bit strange and not very much of red velvet. The packaging makes these seem way better than they are, although they are an awesome colour! Rating 3/10. 
Ice Breakers:
I have tried these in a different flavour previously, but wasn't fussed about them. But I am instantly drawn to pink items, and I am glad I purchased these as they're so amazing and sweet. I love the fact that they have the sour kick with them as well as it gives it a bit of an added flavour, I would definitely purchase these again. Rating 7/10 
Darkside Skittles: 
I have tried these, and these were my aim when going into the shop, I adore these and wish they stocked them easier in the UK, I know there are so many different flavours so I plan to try a different coloured bag next time and see if they taste as good as these bad boys! Rating 9/10
Air Heads:
I had never heard of these previous to going in the shop, but they looked cool and were only 69p so I decided I would give them a go, I actually thought it was really nice and reminds me of a wham bar without the sour-ness, I loved the blue raspberry one as it's one of my favourite flavours, although I probably shouldn't of bought it on the hottest day of the year as it melted a little! I would happily repurchase these again! Rating 7/10 

For those of you who have seen Zombie land probably know why I had to try one of these, despite going the states last summer I am yet to try any of these (crazy right?!) I only purchased one as they were £1 a cake *sobs* and I literally was in heaven, they taste so sweet and tasty and are a bit like a sponge cake with a lot of cream in, the cream reminds me of a French fancy. I love this and am going to be taking trips down the future to purchase more of these bad boys! Rating 10/10 

Candy 2

Red Velvet Cupcakes Bites

Darkside Skittles

What would you like to see me purchase from the shop next? 

How to have the perfect pamper!

Good morning lovelies, I hope you're all well! I thought I would create a bit of a different post for you all today, one which actually includes myself *shocked face*. I thought it would be nice to create a bit of a perfect pamper post to show you what I get up to and include when I am going to give myself a bit of a pamper evening! If you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to try create more of them.

Pamper Night 1
 Jumper- H&M | Pj Bottoms- Jockey*

Pamper night 2

| Face Scrub* | Witch Serum* | Essie Nail Varnish* |
 | Mint Choc Chip Candle | Temple Spa* | Glamour Mag |

Of course for a pamper you've got to include a candle, I went for my new favourite which is a gorgeous mint choc chip one from Kiss Air Candles, who have some crazy scents. With the smell of ice cream it gives you that element of a desert feeling without the calories! I started my pamper in the bathroom, with a candle, a lush bath bomb and my face scrub which feels awesome after a long day of wearing makeup! After having a long bath, I love to get dry and put on some fresh Pjs! I went for my big jumper which I purchased recently from H&M, followed by my new bottoms from Jockey which are super comfy and light for summer wearing. Following this, I enjoy to sit or lie on the bed read my glamour magazine and then paint my nails and toe nails, usually random none matching colours but as I recently painted my toe nails, I decided to just paint my finger nails a gorgeous pink from Essie as it's a perfect summer shade! Before getting into bed, I put some relaxing music on, such as Buckethead or some rain sounds apply some witch overnight serum to my face to help clear up my spots and then finally some Temple Spa to my legs after a long day it's perfect as it's aim is to soothe aching limbs! 

Do homeless people deserve it?

I'll start this post with answering the question in the title, with no, and now go onto to talk about my reasoning behind this post. In my opinion no one deserves to be homeless, I get told by nearly all of my friends, family and my boyfriend that the reason they are on the street is due to things which are their own fault, such as drugs, alcohol and crime and to a certain extent they are right. Why do so many of us have homes, and manage to stay in them and why can't they do the same? But not every single homeless person deserves the luck they have been given it and it's crap that people tarnish them all with the same brush, I do believe that sometimes it is just down to misfortune again call me naive or whatever, but I believe this is true.

Even when it is down to things such as drugs and alcohol do they really deserve to have to live on the street with nothing to their name, not even a bed to lay their head? I don't think they do. I have recently visited some cities and the number of homeless people effected me in a huge way, resulting with me in tears which some would say it's just a thing that happens, people are homeless and I should just accept that, but the whole time it left me wanting to give them money, and even more so food and a warm drink. When it comes to giving to the homeless I do believe giving them food is the best idea, as if they don't seem grateful you can see their true colours but more often than not, they are so thankful and happy for the food. Seeing someone holding a sign or crouched over on the street with a hat in front of them does tug on my heart strings, but once again has led to me being told that is the point, the same with when they have dogs, but something inside of me doesn't seen it as so black and white.

One day I hope to earn enough money to be able to donate to as many people as I can, and even if does make me stupid and naive for believing that they need help then so be it. I am not happy that society just abandons homeless people in their time of need and I won't be doing the same, they are people who are alone and need help, you don't know their story so why judge?

OPI Hawaii Little Hulas Review.

OPI have always been a brand I have loved, and seen around different places but never really purchased it myself due my lack of wearing nail varnish. During the summer months I do tend to paint them a lot more. Recently I was sent this gorgeous Hawaii Little Hulas* kit from Just My Look and I thought I would a do a review for you lovely lot as it's such a cute little set and a perfect excuse to try out OPI. The set comes with the shades, Suzi Shops & Island Hops, That's Hula-rious, Lost My Bikini In Molokini and Aloha from OPI and the bottles of polish are all 3.75ml.

Hawaii Set from Opi

Hawaii Collection

The first thing I noticed about the set, is the fact that colours are bright and are perfect for your nails or toe nails during the summer months. I am a huge fan of painted toe nails but during the winter forget to paint them, but wearing sandals throughout the summer, painted nails is a must. I usually mix and match colours or wear a different colour on my hands to my feet, just so I can get through as many polishes as possible! With this set I love the names of the polishes as they are all summer related such as that's hula-rious which made me giggle a bit. All of the colours in the set are bright and perfect for those summer months!

Opi Hawaii Collection

I am assuming this is the same for all OPI nail varnishes, when applied they are long lasting even without a top coat on which I often apply on top. I found them resistant to chipping, and lasted a good two weeks on my toe nails and still looked exactly the same as when applied. I would definitely purchase some more of their nail varnishes as they are a perfect little treat to myself, or a gift for a friend. I enjoy the fact that their is a variety of shades it gives me a chance to trial a range before purchasing larger bottles which is always a good thing!

*I was sent for review purposes, and all 100% honest 

Lush Bath Bomb Haul!

As some of you may know from one of my previous posts (here) I recently visited LUSH Oxford Street, which if you didn't know Lush opened another store on Oxford Street, but this isn't any store it's a three floored amazing store with lots of exclusive products. If you're planning a trip to Lush you need to visit and I would recommend leaving a lot of space in your suitcase. If you live in London you are SO lucky, and I envy you. So I thought I would share with you some of the products I purchased, some are exclusive to Oxford Street sorrrrrry  and others you can get at your local lush! 

The Experimenter LUSH

The Experimenter: 
This is a product I got heard a lot about before I even visited the store, so I had to make a cheeky purchase of one, I was drawn in by it's bright colours and got told that each of the colours releases a different scent and when they're in the bath together, they smell gorgeous! If you are a fan of bright coloured baths and strong fragrances this one is for you, if you're more a simplistic bath kind of person avoid this one that's for sure.

Intergaltic Lush Oxford Street

Out of everything I purchased this is by far my favourite, when dropped in the bath it turns the entire bath a purple and blue colour, with a hell load of glitter and it makes the water look magical, I am so happy with this purchase and when your body is under water it makes you look avatar like (who doesn't want to look like an avatar to be fair!) once again if you hate glitter, I would avoid this as you leave the bath covered in glitter, but I would recommend this hands down.

The Fizzbanger

The Fizzbanger: 
This is a bath bomb which you are able to purchase everywhere, after being in Lush a few times and being unsure on it I decided to finally go for the plunge, the product contains popping candy so makes a bang sound, and releases lots of different colours and fragrances. This bath bomb is quite a citrus flavoured one, so if you aren't a fan... you've guessed it. AVOID. But I love this and would happily purchase it again.

Lotus Flower

Land of Lotus Eaters/Scared Lotus: 
How cute is this bath bomb though? I was drawn in by the pretty design of this bath bomb, when placed in the water it is a bit of a let down, I enjoyed the mix of purple and yellow as they were very vibrant which is fun, but the scent was particularly to my taste and although it was a pretty bath bomb, i'm not sure it was for me and I wouldn't repurchase in a hurry.

Cyanide Pill

Cyanide Pill Ballistic:  
The first thing I noticed when I popped this in the bath is how quickly it dissolved, which can be a bad thing but with what was to come next with this made it all okay. When it first dissolved into the water it turned it a vibrant yellow colour, similar to the one in the Lotus Flower, expect a lot more yellow, when dissolving an overwhelming amount of glitter appears in the bath, but it looks so cool and I love glitter so I enjoyed this and then finally it starts popping which gives it an extra cool finishing touch! I loved this bath bomb and would repurchase!

Soigne Nails- The Brights.

Bright Nails

I recently reviewed some gorgeous neutral colours from Soigné, if you fancy a little peek check out my review here. I was kindly offered to try some different colours and went with brights this time, I am a huge fan of bright colours when it comes to make-up but on my lips and nails are my favourite places to feature them, I have quite conquered eyes yet (still eyeing up that gorgeous bright palette from Urban Decay) 

So what did I think of these gorgeous colours? I adored them of course! They're right down my street, especially the pink which is in shade Cherry Berry, the purple is Ube and the lovely blue is in shade Glacage Bleu. Like the previous ones I tried the nail varnish is long lasting and leaves a shiny finish. I think these colours are perfect for a pedicure, I would love to wear them on my toes all summer long. Another bonus about these three colours is the fact that you can mix and match them with each other. I personally love the pink and the blue together as it looks amazing. 

Room To Grow| Giveaway

I was recently contacted on behalf of Room To Grow to host a giveaway for my lovely readers, and of course I said yes! The prize on offer today is a super cute alarm clock in a choice of colours (which is pictured below), and I would love for you to enter. The giveaway will run for 1 week, and the winner will be sent their prize one week after closing. I think it would look amazing anywhere in your house and I thought this giveaway would be a great start to the few future interior posts I have coming up due to recently moving out I am addicted to buying house stuff and making cute storage solutions! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is fill out the rafflecopter below and it is as simple as that! This giveaway is for UK only participants.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

What does it mean to be an Organ Donor?

A few weeks back I signed up to be an Organ Donor and it was a lot more simpler than I ever thought, it was literally as simple as going onto a web page and entering my details and it was done, just like that I am now signed up for when I die (sounds so premature) my organs will be donated to someone in need of them. First off I am aware I am only 20 years old so doing something this big about the end of my life does make me feel a tiny bit weird, but you never know what is round the corner so why not now?

Why wouldn't you be organ donor? Some people just don't like the idea of talking about death whereas others just don't bother signing up to be a Donor, which to me is sad due to the fact that you could help another survive, imagine if it someone in your family. Did you know one donor can save EIGHT lives, imagine saying eight lives though? I haven't wrote this post to rant, I promise. I have just wrote it to remind you of that option to donate, and simply how easy it is to do so. All that signing up to be an Organ Donor agrees is that when you pass you give consent for your Organs to be donated which some families may not like or agree to, but as it is your body you have given the consent. Whilst writing this post I read some statistics and found that only 1/3 of people are actually donors which to me is a shocking number, as most of the population if it was needed for them or a family member would take it! When on the NHS site I read, if you needed an organ transplant and would take one if it was offered you should donate and too right you should!

In my honest opinion I feel like if you wouldn't give one why do you deserve to get one? I have spoke to people about why they aren't a donor and their response was I am too young to think about this, I can do it another time, but why another time? Why not do it now! I am honestly proud to say I am a donor and I am proud of anyone else who is a donor, if you are wanting to be a donor but don't know how it is as simple as going onto google and typing in "how to be an organ donor" or follow the link here Go on change a life today, you can do it!

How to tackle Pinterest!

How to tackle pinterest

A request post after reaching 1000 Pinterest followers last night, I have seen a lot of people say they can't get into Pinterest but to be honest in my opinion it is close following twitter and I spend a lot of time on it and I actually enjoy it and find it the easiest of the social media channels to use. I thought I would share my top tips for building a following on Pinterest which may also lead to an increase in your blog following and views. It has taken me a little over a month to get my 1000 followers, from the 70 which I already had.

Pinterest Boards

Tip One:
Pin a lot and regularly, it sounds silly but just pinning around 20-30 pins a day, will boost your following a hell of a lot. If you just pin in bursts and leave it for weeks, it's less likely to do the trick.

Tip Two: 
Organize your boards, trust me this does such a great thing to your Pinterest making it eye catching when someone clicks on your profile, I always aim to have my most pinned boards at the top such as Cake, Macaroons, Lipsticks and Beauty. These are always pinned from and followed.

Tip Three: 
Have an eye catching cover photo, for each of my boards I make sure I change the picture on the album weekly, to keep it looking fresh and interesting. If the board doesn't have an interesting cover it could potentially stop others clicking and seeing the amazing pins inside.

Tip Four:
Pin all of your blog photos to your pinterest, this one is mainly if you are aiming for blog traffic if you pin them straight from your blog (which you can do via a widget) this will make it linked back to your blog, that way you are sharing your pretty photos for everyone to see!

Tip Five:
Keep it interesting and relevant, if you see your followers are constantly pinning certain things, pin more of them and it will keep them sharing and coming back. Secondly aim for relevant things- if you know it is a particular season soon, make a board just for it and it will get people interested in your pictures for that. Halloween is gonna be amazing!

I hope these tips helped, let me know if you enjoyed this post! 

Superdrug Swap Shop

Superdrug Swap Shop

I've always loved shopping at Superdrug for beauty essentials such as my body butter, sun cream and some the brands that they stock on the high street that others don't! Recently I was introduced to Superdrug's Swap Shop where if you 'swap' what you would usually buy for Superdrug own equivalents and if you're not 100% happy with the swap you get your money back!

Another bonus of doing the swap is 25% off your next shop, which in my eyes you don't really have much to loose! So what products did I swap and what did I get as a replacement? I found from swapping my branded products to the Superdrug own brand I saved £35.50 which is a hell of a lot of money when it's all added up, like a new pair of shoes, a whole weeks shopping or even a full tank of fuel which is definitely a switch worth making!

For the swap I swapped the following and got in return what Superdrug class as their similar product:

-Schwarzkopf Salt Spray
-L'Oreal Micellar Water 
-Burts Bees Lip Balm 
-The Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter 
-Bastiste Dry Shampoo
-Balance Me Radiance Face Mask

So I am I won over by the Superdrug alternatives? 
As far as the Micellar water, the body butter and the face mask go I'd happy swap products of what I usually buy full time as I found them to be just as good, if not better in some cases. With the Sea salt spray although it was good and I like it, it didn't give off the same smell which the the Schwarzkopf which is one of my favourite parts of the product. I love love love the Burts Bees Lip Balm so it would be a pretty hard product to beat and unfortunately it's just not the same sort of texture and doesn't smell the same as the Burts Bees, so I think I would stick to that and I am pretty sure no matter how many dry shampoos I may try none of them will ever be as good as Batiste which makes my hair feel freshly washed every single time I use it. Although the Superdrug is good for the money, and has a pretty smell, I don't feel like it doesn't the job quite as well! 

Will you be taking part in the swap? 

*Products sent for my honest review! 

Summer Shoe Dreams!

It's summer at long last, and this week has been SO hot hasn't it? Which meant it was finally time for me to whip out my summer shoes, although I own a good few pairs of sandals there are still so many shoes that I wish I could get my hands on this summer, so I decided I would share them with you! With the help of Fashion Beans and their amazing discounts it's made me being able to purchase them easier! I have a crazy amount of different styles of shoes that I love, and some of them I am lusting over but it would be pointless me buying them as I could never wear them as they're too high! I am addicted to the jelly shoes every summer, despite my boyfriend's huge hatred of them I think they're adorable and so bright and fun! I also added some shoes which would be perfect for after the sun and heading out to the pub or a restaurant, and with me you need all the height you can get so heels are the only way around this. The shoes are from New Look, River Island and Kurt Geiger, so a bit of a range in prices but they're all amazing for summer and one day I will get a pair of KG's, it has to happen right? I hope you enjoy my wishlist and find some summer shoes for your wardrobe! 

Summer Shoe Wishlist

* In collaboration with Fashion Beans

Top tips for finding student housing!

As it's getting closer to the point of the start of a new university year, I thought it would be awesome to share some tips on looking for your perfect student property, as some of you who have been previous university students may know, sometimes finding a property which is actually okay to live in can be a bit of a pain in the butt, but don't give up! Today I have a guest post sharing the top tips when looking for a student place to live! 

Top tips for choosing the perfect student property
Whether you’re a first-time fresher or a third year veteran, sooner or later you’ll have to tackle the difficult subject of picking the perfect student flat. Unfortunately, this can be a tough task due to the over saturation of rubbish studios and dingy house-shares that litter student listings.
The ideal pad depends on your means and your social situation. Do you like your space? Avoid house-shares and communal living. Do you love socialising? Dive into halls and big shared accommodation. Follow the tips below when you’re looking around to ensure you live somewhere you love.

Make the choice – Agency or private
You can either opt for a letting agency or a private landlord. Agencies carry letting fees and other costs, but ensure your rent is protected and your property is maintained. Private landlords won’t charge an admin fee, but you’ll have less security.

Ensure you've got the funds
It can be tempting to dive on the nicest property you view, but you need to work out exactly how much you've got in your budget. Otherwise you’ll end up living on noodles and tap-water in your shiny new flat.
Calculate the deposit, first month’s rent and any admin fees to get a picture of the initial cost. If sharing, you all need to be comfortable with the amounts you’re paying and everyone should agree to avoid any arguments/fallout. Ensure you all have each other’s details and home addresses in case one of you drops out – that way you can contact their parents to pay rent.

Pick your location
Most student properties are located in different areas across a city. Do your research and pick an area that suits you (or your groups) interests. If you’re a party animal you’ll want a flat near the nightlife. If you’re a homebody, a quiet suburb with good transport links. Don’t opt for a property that makes travelling to campus a hassle or you’ll end up resenting it.

Pre-move in checks: comb over the flat for any problems
When you’re off to view your flat, don’t let excitement muddy your evaluation. You need to have a keen eye and look out for the following – don’t be afraid to mention these or you’ll end up being charged on the deposit.

·       Mould/Rising Damp: Two of the biggest problems in old properties, mould and damp can really damage a property as well as affect your health. Look for wet-looking wallpaper, dark blotches on walls and mouldy surfaces hidden behind cupboards etc.

·       Pests/insects: look out for droppings and any dead insects as these could be a sign of infestation hidden by the landlord.

·       Check that all of the electrics and taps are working.

·       Double check all furniture and fittings. If anything is broken or in bad condition, take photos and note it down. Alert the landlord and demand it’s fixed or replaced. You don’t want them to mess you around.

·       As a final step, check all of the security on the property. Check the locks and any other measures and consider whether you’d feel safe living there – especially important if you’re living alone.

Grill the landlord
Before you sign anything, ask all of the questions on your mind. Don’t worry if they sound rude or you’re unsure about anything – ask! A housing contact is a considerable investment and you need to be 100% comfortable before you move in.

Moving in

There are few experiences you’ll treasure as much as living away for university. It can be one of the most exciting, exhilarating, emotional experiences of your life. Take the right precautions before you move in and you’ll reap the rewards. All that’s left to consider if who gets the biggest bedroom and for the love of god who keeps leaving the dirty dishes in the sink!? 

*This is a guest post, featuring sponsored content

Summertime Scrapbook!

Do you ever have those days when you just wish they could last forever? Like that amazing holiday which you are on and you just wish you could sit with your friends around the pool for so much longer, or the times when you go see your friends you haven't seen for a while and won't see again for a while or even those times when you are out drinking and get an amazing cocktail and want to capture its amazing-ness? Yeah me too.

Well today I have a post for you which is perfect for summer and gives you something to do all summer long (for those university students who have a LONG summer) or even those of you who have kiddies, it's a perfect way to capture memories the old fashioned way, and turn the memories into a little keepsake! By making a gorgeous memory / scrap book, and today I am going to share with you my top tips for making an amazing memory book.

Image Source

Top tips for making a scrapbook: 

Take a camera everywhere with you, to the park, to the shops, out for meals, out with friends, on holiday there are memories to be capture everywhere! If you don't have a camera you can get some amazing ones which are compact and easy to carry around such as the Lumix Compact Cameras. Also when out find different items you can also put in your scrapbook such as napkins, bottle tops, receipts and tickets all to make it that bit more memorable! 

Once you have collected a large amount of items and pictures (which you need to get printed off) then on to starting your scrapbook itself, I would recommend Paperchase for their notebooks as they are the perfect size and so pretty! For a scrapbook starter kit I would recommend, glue, some tape can be coloured or normal, marker pens (the brighter the better) & finally a biro pen. 

When filling the pages I would take the time to arrange the photographs and create a background before sticking them down, finding out what is going where although it takes a long time just to create one page, once it's perfect it'll look 10 times better. What I usually do when making a scrapbook is go with a different theme for each page, e.g. a festival styled page and stick my tickets and wrappers around the photos at the festivals and it gives you that bit more a memory when thinking about it in your head. 

Finally, keep building on it over the years, honestly when you look back on it in years to come you will love it as it will be full of colour, fun and memories and it will remind you of all of the good times when you need a happiness boost! 

This post has sponsored elements*