What is a role model?


"A person looked to by others as an example to be imitated" is the definition of a role model, so in other words a person people look up to and be like. I feel like calling someone a role model puts immense pressure on them, at the same time being a role model must be amazing. But there's also different levels to which a person takes a role model, I mean people say their parents are their role models which has a different level of intensity to some people who say celebrities are their role models as they take that one a lot more literally. I know people who have their idols tattooed on their bodies, getting their hair done to match their idols, copying what their idols do. This comes with dangerous consequences, if an idol was to take to twitter and say that they hated this person for a reason, the fans of that idol would do the same. 

I feel like Zoella is a perfect example of this, she came out with that she said anxiety to help others get help for their own, what this actually did was make others say they have anxiety, in an aim to be more like their idol and get her attention they jumped on this anxiety bandwagon! Which is awful as anxiety isn't something to pretend as people don't realize the seriousness of it. Another example of what I've seen is One Direction fans, I have mentioned them in a previous post; I've seen people from One Direction write things around feeling down or whatever and then there will be a whole herd of young girls saying they feel down and suicidal in an attempt for one of their idols to follow them. 

It must be awful for the person who is the role model though, they feel like they must watch what they say in case it effects someone else in a negative way. That means them filtering what they post online which sucks as they are normal people too and should be able to post what content they want online, but I guess that's the price that comes with a celebrity status. The sad part in this is the people who feel like they need to go to the extremes they do to get noticed by their idol, I have people I admire and look up to but what they do doesn't make me copy them but I guess that comes with age. 


  1. I agree. It must really hard to know that your action may influence others because it gives you so much pressure to always be perfect - and nobody can be perfect.

  2. I really like this post, I feel some people sometimes forget what the word role model actually means. Some people say some people are role models because they like them but not because what they do etc. Great post! xx