22 June 2015

Travels | Brighton.

Firstly I'd like to start by saying this post is picture heavy, in fact, VERY picture heavy! I would of made separate posts of the pictures but they're just random bits and pieces of everywhere and I didn't take enough in each place to make a post on each one, so I decided to share my Brighton experience with you in around 30 photos. So whilst I was in Brighton I ate an unholy amount of junk food, including chips, burgers and a LOT of ice cream. Oh and cake, lots and lots of cake! But when you come from Stafford and everything is so boring, the bright colours and the prettiness draw you in.

So on the first evening we arrived we visited a gorgeous bar/restaurant for some food and a couple of drinks then went onto another bar. Me being me completely forgot it would be windy by the sea and wore a dress which kept blowing up, but I still loved it. 


Vegetarian Burger

Fresh Orange Juice

On the second day, I and Luke went and visited the pier, ate some chips and some cake from a gorgeous little cafe called Cloud 9 which if you live in Brighton and haven't been yet, go go go! , then went and had an Italian followed by giant ice cream from a place called Jojos Gelato if you fancy a look at their website it's here which my uncle and myself were very overwhelmed by, Luke, on the other hand, managed to demolish it, no problems!   

Ice Cream

Jo Jo Gelato


Ice Cream

Spaghetti Pomodoro Brighton

The third day was full of shopping and included cocktails at a lovely place which is all made from recycled materials, I've got to say drinking out of an Uncle Bens jar was a first, but genius idea! We also went to Choccywoccydodah which I'm sure a lot of you have seen on TV but if you haven't, basically their whole shop is filled with items made just from chocolate which is crazy and so so pretty, and I want to eat them all imagine the calories in those bad boys though! My favourite shops in Brighton included This Is Not A Butchers & Sass and Belle which can be found in the Lanes, which I also adore with SO many pretty shops filled with one clothing items. Oh and forgot to mention even more sweets and cake!  




Pick N Mix

Bright Cake

Cloud 9 Brighton

Cloud 9 Brighton

Cloud 9 Brighton


The Fishbowl Brighton

On the fourth day, we visited the pier and the arcade which involved lots of 10 and 2ps which had me win three cute toys, and also a mini doughnut and minion from a machine, yay! Finally, we sat on the rocks and looked out at the sea, overall I had a fabulous stay with my auntie and uncle in Brighton and it was so great to see them! 

Brighton Pier

Brighton Seaside

Jar Cocktails


  1. It all looks so good! *tummy roars*
    I am a 2p/10p machine addict. How can you resist?

  2. Ah maaan all those cakes and ice cream look so yummy!! I've always wanted to visit there but it's so far away from me! Looks like you's had a lovely time! x


  3. Omg that all looked so delicious especial your ice cream from the gelato shop! Was that jelly sweets in there? The food in Brighton looks the best!