The truth behind changing your name!

This is a topic which some of you may be aware why I am writing those of you who aren't, in February of this year I took a huge leap and after considering it for sometime decided to change my name. For those of you who weren't my followers before my name was Jessica Leigh and it is now Olivia Jade. I changed my name as I felt my previous name wasn't me and it felt like it was a name I wanted to leave in the past, Olivia Jade is who I wanted to be so I made it a reality. People assume changing your name is hard but it's actually really not, it's as simple as getting some documents online and getting them signed, the hard bit is telling your family, having the constant questions and be prepared for people saying your name wrong forever, but that I understand. People who have known me a long time know me as Jess and being Olivia is a lot for them to take in, but those who do remember it puts a huge smile on my face.

The day my deeds came, I couldn't stop jumping around and smiling, it was official I was now Olivia Jade. The first thing I did was make an appointment with the bank to my account name changed and after that went and changed the rest of my documents, e.g. went to the university. I did get some strange looks in places as they are used to last name changes and not first and middle ones, but I did it. Of course you are always going to have that part of you which is your old name, but there's something exciting and amazing about being able to pick your own name, the scary part is remembering that name isn't for your pet it's actually for yourself. There's been times when I've been asked my name on the phone and I've automatically said Jess, but that's going to happen from time to time, it's natural. For people who want to change their name and are too scared, I'd say go for it! If it's something you feel you want to do then why the hell not!


  1. My cousin changed her name too because she got sick often. After she changed it she rarely sick. I hope your new name brings happiness for you :)


  2. I don't wanna change my last name when I get married because I'm too attached to it. But Im so glad you have a name you feel more comfortable in!

    xo Jenn

  3. Having the courage to change your name to something you feel fits you better, is absolutely amazing! xx

  4. Love that you were brace enough to take the jump and do this! I would love to change my surname to match my daughter and partner.

  5. I use a pen name online for much the same reason, my birth name isn't me, and have debated changing my name officially for a few years now, just been put off thinking it's complex! I'll probably leave it a while, especially since I don't live in my home country anymore and I can imagine changing my name while abroad will just add a layer of complication, but maybe a few years down the line I will! Thanks for sharing this post. :)

  6. Ever since I was 13 my nickname became Lola and then as the internet era came in I started using it as my nick online and then introducing myself to newly met people as Lola, and now it feels so strange using my real name in a bank or somewhere. It's so strange, sometimes a name just chooses you.