The Price Of A Prom!

This year it has officially been FOUR years since I left school, which means four years since my prom, which I cannot believe. Throughout my school life I watched programmes on MTV which had Americans throwing huge parties and also programmes about them attending their proms showing the huge gowns that they wore and also the modes of transport they attended their prom in, and honesty some of them shocked me, I mean one person attended in a helicopter. As much as at the time I was obsessed with getting the perfect dress, and shoes and BEST mode of transport, I am not sure prom was all it was cracked up to be.

 With the US traditions of prom making their way over to the UK, and people are spending more than ever on proms, My Voucher Codes conducted some research into how much people really do spend on their prom. With 15% of people spending over £300+ which to me is a crazy amount in itself! The people I feel sorry for is the parents in all of this as it's their bank balances who suffer, although there 25% of people in the UK who only spend up to £50 on their child prom, but this does make you wonder what people are buying if they can manage to spend over £300 right? I found an amazing article about the price of prom here!

 For prom usually you need a dress, shoes, a bag, makeup and hair doing, a prom ticket and transport so you can see how this can add up pretty quickly. Some people spend around £200 just on their dress alone, so I can see how the amount add up pretty quickly. For my prom I think around £250 was spent, which included my ticket and my transport which some may say is a lot but my grandma paid for some and my parents paid for the rest. In a few years I reckon the craze for prom will be EVEN bigger and be even more of an American styled party, but is it too much for one night?

Now the moment you've all been waiting for.. me in my prom dress! 

This post was written using research conducted by My Voucher Codes* 

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