The Make-up Remover Favourites.

Make up removers favourites

Recently there seems to be an increase of different types of make-up remover, I have been trialling out a fair few recently and these are the top three that I found. I think they're all great for removing make-up quickly and effectively, unlike make-up wipes don't just take off the surface dirt but actually cleanse your face. I've found using these I have found my skin in a lot better condition and a lot smoother. 

L'oreal Makeup Remover

L'Oreal Paris Skin Perfection: 
This is the only micellar water in my favourites currently, after using a lot of gel removers I decided to try a water one. First off I do love this I think it's great and it's usually pretty cheap. It dissolves your make-up and even with pen eyeliner it takes it off really easily. The things I dislike about this product is how much you tend to use, I end up squeezing it and tons comes out everywhere and it does feel like I end up using too much everytime. I would be tempted to buy this again as it leaves my skin feeling sort and as it's water it leaves my face feeling clean and fresh!

Sephora Makeup Remover Gel

 Sephora Makeup Remover:
I purchased this in my last Sephora haul, the packaging is simple which s great as you can see easily how much of the product remains, I love the gel removers as I find they remove makeup like mascara the easiest without much removing. I dislike the feel of gel ones as they make me feel like my face is sticky but after leave it silky smooth. I purchased this in the sale and found it's amazing, I tried not to like it too much as it's harder to repurchase for me, but this is a great choice for all of you lucky enough to have Sephora!

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover

La Roche Posay Makeup Remover*: 
Out of the three I found this one to be the best, for a couple of reasons first being the size of the bottle, it's great value you for what you pay and you only need one squirt to take off your make-up so it's a very long lasting product, I love the design of the product I think the blue makes the product feel more fresh, it did leave my skin feeling clean and I noticed an improvement on my skin whilst using this product. I still have a little bit of a thing against the gel removers as they leave your face feeling a little bit sticky after application but it's a beautiful product and smells good too!


  1. Anonymous6/6/15

    Great post! I've heard of that last one before, I may give it a try. I use face wipes and face wash atm but I may switch to a makeup remover now :)


  2. I was actually thinking of buying the L'Oreal one the other day.
    Thanks for your review, ill probably get it next time I go to boots. :)


  3. Interesting post. I love using the miscellar water atm

    Kirsty xx

  4. It's great when you find products that work well for you. I'm good with water and a flannel though - not wearing any makeup means I don't need make up remover! ;)

  5. I've yet to try out the L'Oreal micellar water - my fave is Garnier at the moment xx


  6. Like Ella, I tend to use make up wipes and then use a face wash right afterwards, I've tried using my mum's LancĂ´me cleanser before but I have extremely sensitive eyes and it just stung! x

    Stephanie | ouistephanie.com