Summer Dress Must Haves!

I can't believe we are now half way through this year, it's gone so quickly I feel like the days are flying past me, we are now approaching hotter weather as we are in summer (almost) which is my favourite season, which means the pretty dresses, shorts, crop tops and gorgeous bikinis are going to start making an appearance. My favourite outfits to wear in summer are dresses and finally without any tights, so today I thought I would share with you, my summer dress must haves for the upcoming season! All of the gorgeous dresses in this post can be bought via Fashiola which if you are yet to hear of you can check them out here.

Fashiola Summer Dress Must Haves

Dress One 
First off, this dress is so gorgeous not only for it's style but also for it's colour. Not many people are a fan of yellow, but I think it looks gorgeous in summer and I think this dress is amazing for styling up or styling down. You can style it up with a pair of heels for a gorgeous evening look or converse and a jacket for a day time look. I love the material that it is made from also, think it's quite unique and something I would invest in for sure. I would probably most likely wear this dress if I was going for afternoon tea or out for a meal. 

Dress Two
This dress is so simple yet so much can be done with it, I think it's a statement piece which is perfect to go in your wardrobe and be used when looking to make an outfit, you can mix it up with once again using converse and a jacket for a casual look, you can wear it over a bikini on the way to the beach or even with tights and a blazer to make it look a little smarter. This is the sort of dress I would wear when meeting my friends in town for a coffee. 

Dress Three
This dress has me written all over it, it's my ideal dress. I love black in any season as it's so easy to dress up and down and wear with anything. I would wear this dress at anytime of the day as part of my style I would probably end up styling it with Dr Martens but you can style it with sandals or dolly shoes if you go for a brighter colour you can bring the summer element to the outfit. This dress would be perfect for a date, going out in the evening or even just an afternoon chill.

*This post is in collaboration with Fashiola


  1. the yellow one is beaut, can just imagine it with a tan and some white sandals! x


  2. Skater dress' are my fave! Xx
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex.co.uk