Sensationail Review

Senstionail Nails

I was recently sent the Sensationail kit to review on my blog, which I was super excited about as it's something I've been keen to try for a while, when it came I decided I would trial it straight away, the colour my starter kit came with is one I would of picked for myself- the claim of the product is up to 2 weeks of dazzling damage proof wear, so what did I think?

Sensationail Nails

The kit comes with a Pro 3060 LED lamp for drying the nails, a base and top coat, a gel cleanser, a colour and a gel primer. I found the stages easy to follow themselves, and the starter kit contains enough to do ten gel manicures which for the money of £69.99 (the value of the kit) is fabulous compared to the prices of getting 10 done at a salon. The first thing I noticed was that I could only just fit all of my fingers into the lamp and did my thumbs separately. I was a little clueless of the timings of the lamp at first as I wasn't sure which beep meant what. After looking it up online I learnt what each of the beeps meant.

When the manicure was finished and dry I was actually pretty pleased with the results, although the pink turned out was a little pale for me and I'd love to try it with a brighter shade. With the two week wear, I found mine chipping within the first 4 days or so, after this disappointing result I retried the product and it seemed to last a lot longer, I think during the first time of trying it, it may of been something I did which made the product come off a lot sooner? Which made me feel a lot better about the product and more willing to purchase more colours to try! A bonus to the kit though is the fact that they left no damage to my nails when removed.


  1. I was sold reading the start of your post! A nail polish that lasts for 2 weeks without having to go to a salon? Perfect! Shame it didn't work out that way. Thank you for sharing. K x

  2. I suspect this is one of those things that takes quite a bit of practice before you get full value out of the kit. I haven't painted my nails for ages and must confess I know very little about gel nails.

  3. I do my own gel nails and my tips are make sure you prep your nails properly-buff them first. Then when you paint them be very careful, you need a thin line all around the edge of your nails that no polish touches. If the polish touches your skin that can make it peel off and chip.

    Laura x