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Real techniques brushes

When browsing twitter one night I saw this post from Superdrug about a set of Real Techniques brushes which had been brought down to £13.99 on their last day of sale? I was shocked at the price I had read, I headed for Real Techniques and bought the set! I saw that the set was actually limited edition with one limited edition brush and they are in pink and the shiny look of the brushes is limited to this collection. Usually a set of real techniques is around £21.00+ dependant on the set so with this set being just £13.99 originally £20.99 working out at around £4.60 a brush it was an obvious steal! It only took three days before I had the brushes in front of me and was ready to start using them. As I know Real Techniques are fab quality I knew these would be no different to any other of their brushes. The set includes three brushes, the sculpting brush, the fan brush and the setting brush and although I already own the sculpting and setting brush from RT, it doesn't harm to get new ones!

Stipling Brush

The setting brush: 
Although this brush is part of the limited edition set, this brush is still able to be brought from Real Techniques all year round. So what is this brush used for? I use this brush for concealer under my eyes, but it can be used for anything really from powder, to highlighter and even eye shadow dependant on what make-up you use, it's perfect as it's got a small head so it's easy apply to the smaller areas which need a more precise touch.

Fan Brush

The Fan Brush:
This is the first fan brush to enter my collection, and I am quite pleased that it is real techniques. The purpose of this brush is for finishing touches. It can be perfect to apply a light layer of highlight, a layer of setting powder to a look and is perfect where the nose bone is concerned. I can't say I have found much of a use for it yet, but it's a lovely brush and I am happy to have it in my collection for when summer comes and I start to highlight more.

Sculpting Brush

Sculpting Brush:
Finally my favourite brush out of the set is the Sculpting Brush, although I already own two of these brushes, what's a third to your collection? This brush is perfect for contouring can be used with liquid and powder products. I have often seen this used as a buffing brush also.

Did you buy this set? 

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