One Kimono- Two Looks.

I was recently contacted by New Look and after the chance to review one of their gorgeous Kimonos and create some style inspiration to go with the one I had chosen. I decided I would pick this one and create a daytime and an evening look to go with it. I have previous done a similar styled challenge with dresses, if you fancy a look at that click here.

Daytime Inspired Style:
New Look Kimono

For the daytime styling I decided to keep it quite casual with shorts and a crop top, the kimono is light and adds an extra touch to the outfit as well as keeping your body quite cool but at the same time covered. I went for the heels as I feel they make the outfit a bit more fashion friendly, although if you are walking around a lot I would switch them for a pair of dolly shoes or some sandals. I love the shoes and they are perfect for me as they give me a little height. You can buy all items in the post above from here.

Evening Inspired Style:

New Look Kimono

For my night time look I decided to dress the outfit up whilst still showing how fab the kimono is, I went for a gorgeous black maxi dress which is elegant and perfect for a nice evening meal, as the dress is simplistic I went for some gorgeous sandals with metallic looking flowers on which I think really dress up the outfit, finally I went for a statement necklace, I think that statement necklaces look gorgeous with any black dress and bring an element of your own style. All items in this post can be purchased from here.

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