Kiss Air Candles

Kiss air candles

Mint choc chip and salted caramel

Can you believe we are in June already? 6 months into the year and I don't think I'll ever get over how fast it's going, kind of scary as when September hits it's my final year of uni eeek! Okay so back to these gorgeous candles you can see. First thing you may notice is the fact they are named after ice cream flavours, p.s. if you haven't tried both of those ice cream flavours you are missing out big time! Secondly that these are candles from an amazing brand called Kiss Air Candles, what makes these candles even more special is the fact that they are handmade within the UK.

The fact that these candles retail at £8.50 for the large jars is fab, as I can see these lasting a long time. So what exactly does a Mint Choc Chip and Salted Caramel candle smell like? Exactly as they taste I'd say, whilst having these lit I just craved ice cream, the best way to enjoy ice cream the healthy way. I love the packaging of these candles and I think they look so sweet, a perfect gift for a candle loving friend! Kiss Air Candles, have so many unique scents of candles including some alcoholic drinks like Pina Colada. As well as that they have some 'normal' scents such as coconut and vanilla. Although I am a huge fan of Yankee Candle, the price and unique scents of these candles is making me consider making future purchases as you cannot go wrong for their bargain prices. The large candles have a burn time of 30 hours which is amazing for the price as you can keep mixing them up and purchasing new ones to trial out scents. Kiss Air Candles also have smaller sizes of candles which are perfect if you are looking at trying out a candle before purchasing one of the bigger sized ones!

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  1. I've seen these a lot recently but never tried them but WOW them names are just wanting me to purchase 1 or more even more now haha!
    What brilliant names for candles, these would deffo have me craving for Ice cream as soon as I smell them especially Mint Choc Chip because that is my favourite Ice cream flavour ever!!!
    Fantastic post.