I've never dated a guy who likes Marmite.

Before I start this post, I am going to say straight off the bat this is one of the weirdest posts if not the weirdest that I have written but I fancied going a little weird today so why not? So Marmite, love it or hate it, which one are you? 

Marmite has always been one of my favourite things on this earth, I used to have it every single day on a sandwich in primary school, I love it on toast and crumpets and to be honest I could happily eat it from the jar. *Queue the ewwwws* Marmite is just fabulous and I LOVE it. My boyfriend says "Marmite is the devils work" a bit extreme if you ask me but you know, I've never met a person who thinks Marmite is just okay? It's either love to the moon and back or hate so much it makes you want to be sick. To this day I have never shared the love of Marmite with a partner of mine as they all seem to think it's gross, whether it be the smell, the colour or the taste, but unlucky for them I will always have a nice big jar in the cupboard ready for my toast! Recently I've discovered Marmite do more than just that spread, and I am yet to try any of their other snacks such as cheese and crisps but one day it'll happen. Although I have never dated a guy who likes Marmite I come from a family of Marmite lovers so, I am not alone in my quest of loving Marmite. 

I just wanted to state this post is in no way sponsored by Marmite, I just love it!
Olivia Thristan


  1. You should try marmite on toast but then with cheese on the top grilled - best thing ever!

    Amy x

  2. You are indeed not alone in your love of Marmite. My son (he's 14) does too - on toast! Though I've noticed that he doesn't eat it nearly as much these days as he used to. Perhaps, he is becoming a bit 'so so' about it or, dare I say, actually going off it. Can that happen, you go from loving it to loathing it? Tx

  3. I am one of the strange people who just thinks it's alright! I wasn't really a fan when I was younger, but when I developed a B12 deficiency I started adding a spoonful to my food for the extra vitamins - now I can just about eat it on toast, but I certainly don't love it!
    Poppy | http://poppyallanorma.com