Inspirational Women- Amelia.

As this series is so popular I decided to carry it on for another 5 weeks, sharing women who are inspirational to me, last week was the amazing Becky Bedbug feel free to check that out. This week is a blogger and youtube who I think is amazing and have loved her from sometime and will hopefully get to meet in the upcoming months.

Introduce yourself and your blog!
Hi everyone, i'm Amelia from xameliax.com and Youtube channel xameliax! My blog doesn't really fit firmly into any specific category, so I guess we're in the Lifestyle Blog camp - it's basically a little slice of my life with restaurant reviews, travel, beauty articles, recipes, fitness and good old fashioned personal blogging! 

Tell us a random fact about yourself.
My party trick is always being able to pour wine evenly into glasses...exactly the same amount for everyone, every single time. Britain's Got Talent, here I come!

What do you do for a career?

I work in recruitment by day. It's something i've done for the last 5 years since leaving uni and although I work in a lovely office with some amazing people, I would love to be able to run my blog and youtube channel as a career - a girl can dream!

How do you balance your career and blogging?

Running a successful blog, youtube channel, and career is tough. Running a successful blog and youtube channel without a full time job on top is tough! For me, it's all about effective time management and taking a reality check every now and again. I think it's important to make use of the time you have to blog but don't let that time take over all of 'your' time. Make lists, set goals and stick to them - don't try and set yourself too much to do in one evening. Break your blogging bits down into sizable chunks so you're not stressed at work and when you get home. Unless you're working towards turning your blog into a career you need to remember that it's a hobby and it should always be fun! If it's not then it might be time to take a step back and re-charge before you lose that passion.

Top 3 things that have happened to you whilst blogging? 

I've had so many incredible opportunities since starting my blog and youtube channel - with some even more exciting things to come over the next few months so keep watching! The best thing for me was being shortlisted 'Best Beauty Vlog' in the Cosmo Blog Awards, that was a real boost and huge tick in the recognition box for the work i've done. Being asked by benefit to interview their Global Brow Authority Jared Bailey was incredibly exciting and being invited to be part of the Babyliss Get The Look Campaign was a big honour...even though my first time on a professional film set was very nerve wracking! 

Make up product you'd recommend to everyone? 

The product i always recommend is Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate - it's my holy grail skin product that works wonders for me. I used to suffer terribly with acne as a teenager and my skin still isn't the greatest now, but my skin LOVES Kiehl's MRC and the results i've had have been incredible. 

Best place for afternoon tea you've visited? 
I love a good afternoon tea so this is a tough one! Ok, so for setting and an amazing price point (with fizz!) it's The Apple Tree in Barton Marina and savoury points go to Hotel La Tour for their Welsh Rarebit dip! I've actually got a whole category for Afternoon Tea on my blog with some more posts in the pipeline so do make sure you take a look if you're a cake and finger sandwich fan like me!

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  1. This is such a lovely way to meet new bloggers. I've heard so many things about the Kiehl's brand and I really should treat myself to some.

  2. What a nice way to meet new bloggers who I may not have heard of. I'll have to go and check out Amelia's blog :) x