Hair Essentials #2

A while back I did my first ever hair related blog post on my favourite products, if you missed that review you can check it out here. I have recently been on the look out for new and amazing hair products which I think you need as part of your hair care routine and I've found three amazing staple products for you!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners (Alternative Link)

Not going to lie, the fact that these are pink did catch my attention, as I am pretty obsessed with all things pink, and secondly I was drawn to the fact that these are Argan oil straighteners and help to straighten and nourish your hair, which is a strange concept as for as long as I can remember people are always straighteners are bad for your hair and to use them as little as possible. So what's special about these straighteners?

Firstly the fact they have a little screen which first off you can choose your heat setting with the plus and minus button and it goes up in 20's. I usually have mine on the highest setting due to having the thickest hair known to man, but the thinner the hair the lower the temperature. The plates of the straighteners are infused with argan oil making your hail silky smooth during use, which to me is an extra bonus! Another amazing part of these straighteners for me is the fact that after an hour of no use they turn off, which is great for me as I am one of those people who constantly worry all day that I've left them on and they're going to burn down my house! Last but not least these amazing beauties warm up completely in 90 seconds, something you can't argue with!

Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighteners

Schwarzkopf Freeze Pump Finish Spray
This product is an absolute saviour when it comes to my hair, once again my thick hair is being a burden! When I style my hair within half an hour it is falling down, this product actually keeps it in place for 10x longer than what usual hair spray does, the best part is even after applying and it being in your hair for a long period of your time your hair still feels fresh and it doesn't leave your hair stuck together or feeling dry. The bonus of this spray is that fact it comes out as a liquid spray rather than an aerosol! The freeze pump spray is amazing for when you make a mistake with your hair and want to start again and it's like you never applied anything in the first place!

OSiS hair spray

Schwarzkopf Salt Spray
This spray is the perfect spray for creating festival styled hair, if you spray it on your hair when wet it leaves your hair smelling gorgeous and is great for creating back combed styled looks or just hair with volume (something my hair needs lots more of) this spray leaves your hair feeling clean and fresh even after use, and also after applying the spray is almost instantly dry, and doesn't leave the hair shiny in anyway. This is the perfect product to use before applying heat to your hair as it gives you heat protection.

OSiS spray salt


  1. Ahhh would love to try that straightener! Plus it's pink which is awesome :)

  2. Like you I have really thick hair, and so I always set my straighteners to max (230 degree). Also like you, I have a tendancy to leave my flat irons on!! Well, actually, I never do leave them on but I always think that I have, so when I'm away from home I worry constantly, and imagine that I'll be returning to a burning building! Auto cut-off after an hour or whatever is a great feature, seriously, lol! Tx

  3. I love the Schwartzkopf Salt Spray, it's ideal for humid days as it stops my hair going mega frizzy! Those straighteners look gorgeous too, I love that they norish your hair whilst straightening.

    Ami xxx